LIVE | Spanish Super Cup, lap: Real Madrid – Atlético de Madrid (1-0) – 08/22/14 –

Atlético take the Super Cup after beating Real Madrid 1-0 Read the match chronicle here

Atletico players celebrate the title by returning to the stadium.

(min 94) It's over! The referee whistles the final and Atlético players invade the grass.

(min 93) Yellow Cristiano! It took Godin.

(min 92) RAMOS DOES NOT ARRIVE! My mother, I send from the right and the head of Ramos that appeared to make the one in Lisbon, but it did not arrive.

(min 90) TO THE MODRIC STREET !!! It took the Croatian cutting an attempt against and saw the second yellow. Four minutes have been added.

(min 89) Tiago arribaaaa! The Portuguese caught Casillas one step ahead but his shot went high.

(min 89) Third change in Atlético: Raúl García, hero of the first leg very applauded by Calderón, leaves and Saúl Ñíguez enters.

(min 88) Yellow for Ramos! The Sevillian cut the progress of Raúl García with a foul.

(min 87) The 'Onion' was bundled! The Uruguayan hunted her on the edge of the Madrid area, but she made a mess with her legs and cleared the white back.

(min 85) Godin cut! The Uruguayan was well anticipated to the tremendous ride of Bale on the right wing.

(min 84) Red and White Change: Mandzukic, hero of the party, retires and enters the 'Onion' Rodriguez.

(min 82) Danger of Madrid! Cristiano left her behind on the balcony of the area but Benzema did not arrive.

(min 79) Bale did not arrive! Center from the right and Bale who did not arrive when he stepped on area. If I had touched it in the slightest, I went inside.

(min 77) Card for Isco. Malaga misses a possible against Athletic on the right wing.

(min 74) Protest the Calderón! Mandzukic was leaving towards the area and on the edge of it collides with Carvajal, claiming the stadium is missing.

(min 73) And yellow for Raúl García. The Navarrese 'revenge' on Modric's previous action and the Croatian is lacking.

(min 72) Change in Atlético: Griezmann leaves and the Mexican Raúl Jiménez enters.