Lionel Messi’s new look to celebrate Father’s Day in Spain and Antonela’s message

Spain is one of the most affected countries so far after the appearance of the coronavirus. The quarantine is almost total and nobody is exempt. In this context, Father's Day is celebrated in the country and each one celebrates it in the way they can. Fortunately, the Barcelona captain Lionel Messi, is being held at home with his wife and three children.

To pay tribute to the Argentine, Antonela Roccuzzo posted a photo to her Instagram account where you could see "The flea" with a totally different look to the one he had used to his fans.

Further, the Rosario dedicated an affectionate message to him in which he made reference to the situation they are going through.

"Happy Father's Day!!! Thank you for always being an example for our children, who love and admire you more and more every day! Today more than ever we celebrate together ”, Antonela wrote alongside the hashtag "We are staying home", hinting at the quarantine state in which almost all residents in Spain are.

In the photo you could see Thiago, Mateo and Ciro in front of her father, who appeared happy and with a new look. As the image shows, the Argentine decided to completely shave the bushy beard that characterized him in recent years.

Among the hundred comments congratulating him, some messages were made that made reference to his new style: “At last you took off that beard flea makes you look younger. Please do not withdraw we never love you Argentines "," Siii! he cut his beard "or "Noo! Why did you remove your beard? ” were some of them.

Recently the captain of the Argentine team and of Barcelona launched from his home in Castelldefels (Barcelona) a message of encouragement to everyone due to the limitations caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and with the global tags #QuedateEnCasa and #StayAtHome ahe encouraged everyone to be “responsible”.

"It is time to be responsible and stay home. They are complicated days for everyone. We live worried about what is happening and we want to help putting ourselves in the place of those who are having the worst of it, either because it directly affected them or their family and friends, or because they are working on the front line to combat it in hospitals and health centers. Health. I want to send a lot of strength to all of them ”, he wrote on his social network.

The player is confined to his home, following the directions of Barcelona, something that affects all the athletes of the Catalan club, after the health organizations have recommended the confinement of the entire population to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, a fact that already affects all of Spain.