Ligue 1: Tuchel: “I don't think Mbapp takes advantage of this to leave the PSG” | Flirt 1 2019



Mbappe and Tuchel, during the match against Montpellier.

The coach of Pars Saint-Germain, Thomas TuchelHe took away the confrontation he had last Saturday with striker Kylian Mbapp, assured that there is no crisis in his team and was convinced that this did not lead him to leave the French club.

No crisis. I am not personally angry. I am the coach and they are very important players, whom we need to win games. But it is also necessary to control the group and there is no division, “said the German coach at a press conference.

Tuchel acknowledged that “there are times when the relationship between a coach and a player can be more difficult” but he was convinced that Mbapp has understood “sports” motives for those who replaced him in the 69th minute of the duel against Montpellier. That motivated the attacker to be upset and the technician faced him when he went to the bench. An attitude that Mbapp has had on other occasions.

The technician tried to downplay the incident and confess that it was one of the topics discussed in the collective talk on Sunday. While ensuring that Mbapp does not give more importance. “I don't think I took advantage of this situation to leave the club. You have a contract with us, I have explained the reasons why I made that decision, “he said.

Minutes to those who “deserve it”

Tuchel said that, although it is difficult to accept for some players that they have to leave the field, “when you explain the sports reasons they understand.” “Decide that the game was closed and that I had the possibility to get Kylian and Pablo (Sarabia) and give a few minutes to Mauro (Icardi) and Edinson (Cavani), who deserve it,” he said.

The coach denied that he made “political” decisions when scheduling his changes and that he was “afraid” of replacing Neymar. “If I start to make 'political' decisions I am lost. Everyone will press me and he can only change the youngest, “he said.

The German technician considered himself backed by the club and regretted that this rubbing with Mbapp is hiding the great football moment that crosses the PSG, two weeks after the Champions League returns.

In this regard, Tuchel also regretted that he is talking about Neymar's birthday, which he celebrated last night at a Paris nightclub with some of the staff members, something that the coach acknowledged could disturb his preparation.

“It's not the best way to prepare a game, but not the worst”, said the coach, who nevertheless said not to punish those who attended the party.

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