Liga Santander: The unexpected crisis of Real Madrid at the key moment of the season | LaLiga Santander 2019

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The white team receives this week at Manchester City (Champions) and Barcelona (LaLiga) after falling to Levante, losing the lead and, also, its signing star of the course

Real Madrid players lament after Levante's goal.

Despite the February solace that Valdebebas hugged on Sunday, the atmosphere in the Sports City was shady, dense and pessimistic. As the Saharan calima of the Canary Islands. Damn football, they say from the headquarters of Real Madrid, being cursed a smooth transcript of the eptet used in the expression. The defeat against Levante and the seriousness of the injury of Eden Hazard shake the white team at the gates of the decisive week of the season. There may be others in the future, also important, but to get to them, Madrid needs to go as completely as possible from the two height exams it faces in the next few days. The City and the Barcelona They threaten the Bernabu. That is to say, Guardiola Y Messi, two of the entity's historical enemies. A double hit will leave the team Zinedine Zidane badly injured in major competitions, three months after the end of the course. Risk functions that, intended at Real Madrid, become opportunities to redirect the things that are now crooked.

The game in the City of Valencia was a real ruin for the whites, defeated in the last minutes, giving the lead to Bara and with his broken star on the bench. The former Chelsea player has played little this season, but every time he has retired from the field limping, minutes later his team has taken off. Pas before him PSG, the day of his first injury (2-0 to 2-2), also before the Celtic, the previous Sunday (he left with 1-0 and ended up tying the Galicians) and it happened again before Levante. The medical part on the Belgian sharpened on Sunday the bad night dragged from Saturday. The tests found a fissure in the same ankle that left him out three months. It is another point of the bone, but also near the reinforcement plate that years ago Chelsea doctors put him in the joint. In Madrid they do not dare to make a forecast of their withdrawal, but fear that the deadlines will be repeated. And if so, the campaign will almost be over for him.

In the locker room, on Saturday, as they crossed each other's glances of concern at Hazard's ankle, everyone circled the match, the first one lost in the League since October; the second one in February, after each cascade before the Real society. That night the course of a growing team since autumn was twisted, when Zidane won the match ball of Istanbul. His players saved him first from the plot and then, little by little, from football. The French reinforced its drawing, they all leveled up, the rotation system started to work and the results changed. The tremors of Barcelona helped hunt the league lead, on the way to the Champions League crossing against the City. However, the KO before the Real generated many doubts. As happened in 2018, with the Legans, the Cup did a lot of damage.

No scorers with continuity

Doli in the box fell into a tournament that looked like an ideal road (eliminated the great rivals) to reach another title, after the Super Cup. It was not understood the eleven raised by the French, before a good team like the San Sebastian. Some veterans in the locker room twisted the gesture, because they fear that Odegaard and company do harm. In the 56th minute, they won 0-3 at Chamartn. In Pamplona, Madrid shone again before the new stumble at home, now with Celta.

Some players, like Marcelo, were pointed out while Mendy, threatened with yellow, only room a few minutes at the end and without seeing the card. So that the Sunday classic was not lost, I did not play against Levante. Defensively, whites have forgotten the firmness that was their flag.

Easily fit again (one occasion of Levante, one goal; two of Celta, two goals) and above continues to arouse greater scoring ability, an evil that already punished him hard last season. Benzema apart, Zidane does not get more scorers with continuity. On Saturday, the good first part was of no use not translating it into an advantage on the scoreboard. A decisive week is coming to work and not forgive. We have created many clear occasions and we have not finished them. Now is when we have to be closer than ever, I asked Sergio Ramos in Valencia. Again, the captain tries to ignite the plot for the coming Pyrenean stages. Nobody forgets the seven tragic days that took Madrid ahead of Solari with three straight losses to him Barcelona (twice) and the Ajax.

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