Liga Santander: The shadow that persecutes Julen Lopetegui | LaLiga Santander 2019

Football is a funambulo that travels, on a very fine cable, the path that goes from alienation to sanity. Fans, as Jim Morrison sang, want the world and want it now. They are in their right, because their hearts are going in this unpredictable sport. So they scream and dream and demand. And so it must be, for the sake of a world condemned to leaden calm and half measures, because football is the refuge of fire, of heartbeat, of ribs passion inside. Question Lopetegui It is almost therapeutic. Even more after the unsightly elimination copera against Mirandés. It is not losing against a Second, things that sometimes happen, but to do it without competing, with lax players, infant failures and without a minimum of pundonor. Out of respect for the shield, you can lose yourself playing well, badly or regularly; but you can't lose it without fighting every inch of land, without mistreating the grass with the tacos. Or changing three of yours at rest.

That defeat in the round of Copa del Rey is a wound that has been salt with two league trips: a draw against Alavés at home and defeat against Celta in Balaidos, with a comeback in the last minutes. The team gives an image of fragility. After a start in which the defense, and the compactness of the block, won matches, with all the epic of the onecerism and of the final arreón, the team is now submissive to the reactions of the rival. Tremor Unresolved Accommodated with the scoreboard in favor, with no ability to finish the match or ability to tame the zarandeos of the opponent shortly after harassing the rear. They are heavy to have the ball.

Banega has lost clarity, the Mute Vázquez goes and comes, Jordan It doesn't look anything like the one it started in September. Without a rudder, Lopetegui's hold on to the gallops of Ocampos, to the warm centers of Navas and the indecipherable stork of From Jong. If there is strategy, which is intuited, it is blurred by a football that fantasizes about order, but most of the time it is a choreography of sparkles, a brittle architecture, sporadic talent and faith.

Lopetegui faults are distributed, Monchi and the soccer players themselves. To each, his spoonful of syrup. Lopetegui has been stubborn in the lineups, has activated few substitutes, has relied too much on a block that, now that it is more elusive, needs revulsives that start from the bench, that give respite to those who falter. Neither Munir, neither Rony Lopez, neither Gudelj They have proven to be alternative to the usual ones. Monchi has shown in winter that in summer he was wrong keeping Dabbur and bringing Chicharito. Two inconsequential strikers who have not been able to enrich the outdated attack game of the Nerja team.


The team goes through En-Nesyri Y Suso. The first, a bet for the future, green for these flights, which every time it leaves shows more enthusiasm than pause, more brief than goal, more artifice than efficiency. The second, for the moment, lost in a system that constrains the men of attack, a bottled, unsociative creation, which most of the time ends with random centers to De Jong, doomed to hunt butterflies. This weakness is added to the poor performance of soccer players that should be important. Squire especially, oblivious to the dynamics of the team, Koundé, pure intermittence, or Vaclik, which usually gives the feeling of being able to do more.

The marker is a guillotine. The patience of the amateur, an oxymoron. When Monchi bet, against part of the board and the stands, by Lopetegui, he knew what he was risking. He is a dry, courageous and content coach, with a past more sour than sweet, but with a long-looking profile and reconstruction of costumes. Of course, in Seville the whir Look at the story of the technician, who always started well and always twisted. Porto, the national team, Madrid … Flashes at the start and flu below.

In search of peace

The club seeks peace and sustained growth. Three sports directors, a handful of masters, tremendous signings. Óscar Árias, Caparrós, Sampaoli, Montella, Arana, Goose, Pizarro… the crack was huge. It would not make sense that the first slip was taken as final. Lopetegui needs what all the coaches in the world, oxygen and confidence. Sevilla is alive in Europe and touching the Champions League positions. A position according to your condition and expectations. There is a stretch and in June they will give the notes, but Julen still has room for improvement, a good loot of points, and the support of Monchi, which is an extra life in this video game.

Sevilla can once again be that solid and rocky, pragmatic and vertical team. It seems that the system only needs oil to work again, some speed and aiming for the goal. There are players who must arrive, Munir or Rony, and others settle, such as Reguilón and Jordán. Dynamiting it all would be to throw a coin into the air. The urgency is to break the board instead of moving piece. He happened to Madrid with him, and then Solari arrived. Lopetegui calls this grinding microcycle in the performance of his team. He hopes that some of his pupils will fall apart, get well to the last games of the season, coax the stands and keep their job, even if it is based on short results, European fantasies and demanded goals.

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