Liga Santander: The problems of former Real Madrid Cicinho with alcohol: “Drink ten beers a day” | LaLiga Santander 2019



Cicinho, in a match with Madrid.

The Brazilian exlateral Ccero Joao de Czare 'Cicinho', which among other European teams played in the Real Madrid about two years, revealed in a column published Monday in the newspaper 'Estado de Sao Paulo' that suffered alcoholism for almost 20 years.

I started drinking with 13 to 14 yearswhen I went to him Botafogo from Ribeirao Preto. They told me the beer was good and tom. It all started with the first drink and I ended up with 30 years. Almost 20 years drinking“, confess the exfutbolsita in his writing, in which he assured that he got to drink”about ten boxes of beer per day“.

Cicinho explained that until his signing for the Atletico Mineiro, at the beginning of his sports career, “just” drink beer because “he had no money”, but then “he went to drink everything”.

And cigar. Fum for 11 years, from 1999 to 2010. I only smoked when I drink, but look what I drink …. All day“add.

I also said that I perceived that I was going out of line when I began to lose “the pleasure” of “playing football.” “Forever I was in love with football. When God gives a gift and we do not know how to administer it, it is because there is something wrong. I had no more pleasure in entering the field, training and concentrating. I was 30 years old and I was playing with Roma in 2010, “he said.

Cicinho, today 39, announced his retirement from football in March 2018 due to his constant knee problems. He began to emerge in Brazil with the shirt of Sao Paulo, with which he won the 2005 Copa Libertadores and the Club World Cup that year.

His good performance with the São Paulo team called the attention of Real Madrid, who hired him at the end of 2005 although he transferred a little more than a year and a half later to Rome.

The side returned to Spain from the hand of Villarreal and close his European tour in the Turkish Sivasspor, after passing through the Sport of Recife of his country.

With the Brazilian team he won the Confederations Cup in 2005 and was summoned for the 2006 World Cup in Germany to add a total of 17 participations with Canarinha.

Cicinho said he began the path of his rehabilitation of alcohol problems when I met his wife.

“She encouraged me to know the principles I had, which were oriented to the word of God, and that's how I had my transformation, “I resumed.

Likewise, I announced that I received an offer to get dressed again with the Vila Nova de Gois, although I reject it because it ensures that it already feels fulfilled as a footballer and prefers to raise awareness among other young people about what happened to it. “Soccer was a phase in my life. Now my phase is to show my testimony and help people not to fall on the road where I fall. I give motivational conferences. I am not fit to play, my mind is an ex-soccer player, my body is already used to it, “he said.

Revel that the first time he presented his problem “was very criticized,” but said that when a “person speaks openly” about such matters is because “super all traumas” about it.

Eight years ago I have no problems with alcohol and cigarettes. I do not betray my wife, I live the principles God asks of me. I hope people will look at it on the side of aid because it is sad to see great Brazilian and world soccer players with the power to influence the good side, and that they do it on the bad side, “he completed.

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