Liga Santander: The life of Vinicius in Madrid: a “good environment”, nutritionist, classes with Zidane and some dinner in Rubaiyat | LaLiga Santander 2019



The Brazilian, 19, analyzes the matches with his surroundings and with club staff. “It's a sponge,” they say from Madrid.

Vinicius, before Semedo, on Sunday at the Bernabu.

The classic wine and roses did not change the protocol of Vinicius. On Monday he spent the morning checking the game, talking with his people and asking for criticism. They say in their environment that they always do the same, convinced that they still have a lot to learn.

Not even his first night of glory, with goal and triumph against him BarcelonaThey made him settle in satisfaction. In the dressing room, the elders asked for calm to the most courageous and at home, after the hug, the technical nuances. It is a sponge, defined in the club, where its success is one of the most celebrated, for being the flag face of the new sports philosophy of the entity: the commitment to promising talents.

They still recognize today those who captured him in Brazil that this operation (45 million for a 16 year old boy) was very brave on the part of Madrid. Not even the most experienced scouts can guarantee that a phenomenal adolescent, with unstoppable legs, will then curdle under the heaviest shirt in the world. The process, repeated later with Rodrygo Goes, had its deadlines, from the year of cessation in its own team (Flamengo) until the landing in Spain dressed first of Castile.

Then, the curves of Madrid Christian post They accelerated their integration last season. In the current one, it has been difficult to convince Zinedine Zidane, your first teacher in Valdebebas. If with his nearest circle he comments the matches, the errors and successes (that unchecking at the wrong time or that peeled auction) with the coach, face to face, accommodates the body as he says, puts the instep hard or raises his head when He asks. Practical classes to refine your wild foal nature.

Three aids in the day to day

In Madrid, they point to the good environment that surrounds them when analyzing their consolidation in the elite. Vinicius He lives in La Moraleja accompanied by friends, his parents and other relatives. His moods are Felipe, Menegate and Wesley, three colleagues from Brazil who help him in the day to day. They are your hard core. I agreed with one of them in the Flamengo quarry. Also nearby, here in Madrid, are next to him Frederico Pena and Tat Soares, two of his representatives (from the powerful TFM agency), and his to Ulysses. With them he assembles meals at home, more like making home plans than going outside. If anything, some special dinner at Brazilian level stoves in the capital. For example, Rubaiyat.

For the homemade menu, he has asked Madrid to recommend a nutritionist. In his agenda, more than one afternoon, there are activities with the Club Foundation, visiting social projects. Do not forget where it comes from, remember from the Santiago Bernabu, with the image of the facade of your humble house in memory. In one of the most dangerous favelas of Ro de Janeiro. Still, when traveling to your country, visit the area, giving time, balls and shirts to the kids in the neighborhood.

Humble origin

Until there it was, at the time, Juni Calafat, right hand of the general director, Jos ngel Snchez, and responsible for the recruitment in Brazil. l is Vinicius's link with the club. His name springs from the last signings of young values. The method is repeated: detection in origin, personal supervision in the year of cessation that they usually have and then, pampering in the Madrid landing, both the boy and his family. Comprehensive help: football and adaptation to the new city.

The critics made him stronger, they believe in their surroundings, where they recognize that noise also reaches the player. The bad point, its blackouts in the area, the problems of definition … Pas its bad days, without entering the calls of Zidane, until little by little it was growing in the team. That is, they say, I never lost the smile that has become a brand image.

On Sunday, in the second part, when Bara's legs began to falter, his shone above the rest. That Kroos and Benzema, two of the most clairvoyant companions on the lawn, constantly sought him out was no accident. When marking, there was a photo away from the 1-0 celebration. The lonely scream of Casemiro, Vinicius' elder brother in the dressing room. His tutor also appears when drawing the protective mantle of the striker.

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