Liga Santander: The drama of injuries in the Atlantic point to 'Profe' Ortega and doctors | LaLiga Santander 2019



With that of Joao Flix, who is not in the Bernabu, there are already 18 mishaps this year, 14 of them muscular. The last apo there were 45.

Joao Flix, in the match against Legans.

From the perspective of the Atlantic, and Look where you look, it's not a good time to play the derby. The Bernabu appears in the worst rojiblanca season since Simeone landed, a few months in which the team does not win even half of the matches that dispute (specifically has won in 13 of 30, 43% looking at all competitions). Bernabu appears with the group out of the Champions positions, something that does not happen – play a derby so poorly classified – from October 2015. And the Bernabe appears, in short, with the nurse full of several of its stars. The last Joao Flix, prisoner of one muscle injury in the right leg. So, in general. Out of the cold medical parts, the boy has for 10 or 15 days, although that in the Atlantic is little to say.

Joao is the lesin number 18 so far this season, number 14 if written only of muscle mishaps, multiplied, by the way, since last December. Vitolo, Lodi, Gimnez, Trippier, Lemar, Arias and Koke, which counts for two (falls in the semifinal of the Super Cup of Spain) leave a bleak picture for the Argentine technician, who prays to all known saints to be able to count on the last captain tomorrow in La Castellana. Trippier s seems to be on time to play. In any case, what is certain is that they will not be Costa, Joao, Gimnez and Arias.

From yesterday the club blamed the situation on bad luck. It happens that history denies this possibility, among other things because it is not the first season in which the first team walks with an amazing number of injuries. Last year, for example, the Atlantic suffered 45 injuries, practically five a month, without practically one per week. Then, also from inside the institution an excuse is used: it was the first year that The preseason did not take place in Los Angeles de San Rafael, and that had hurt the state of the team.

As well, that alibi does not work for the presentWell, last summer, the Attico s was in Segovia. Specifically 13 days, from July 7 to 20. And the thing remains the same. Away from the official versions, the bulbs point to two places. The first is the office of the physical trainer of the team. The Prof Ortega, praised until exhaustion in the first years of Simeone, now see how that intensity, which sometimes borders on histrionics, is no longer valued. In fact, some players whisper softly that work volumes are not always the most appropriate, especially in the days before and after the games. That's right, here's a problem because for Simeone, the figure of Ortega is practically sacred.

The suspicions are not spared either medical services, headed by the eternal doctor Jos Mara Villaln. Better written, suspicion does not get rid of the tug of war that there is always between doctors and the technical body. The acceleration of some recoveries may be behind the relapses. The last of these relapses is that of Koke, which does not have the medical discharge but that could be the only good news of the team in its visit to the neighbor's field, from which it could be definitively removed in case of defeat.

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