Liga Santander: The commission of 7 million Jorge Mendes in the signing of Trinco by FC Barcelona | LaLiga Santander 2019



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Trinco, in a match with Braga.

“Football is a simple game, they play 11 against 11 and Germany always wins.”

“Y Jorge Mendes“, we will have to add to the legendary phrase of Gary Lineker.

The representative, who chairs the company Gestifute, is 'The Intermediary' of the majority of great signings of world football in the last couple of decades. The talent of the Portuguese has not only been to negotiate in the superstar transfers as Cristiano Ronaldo, James Rodrguez or Radamel Falcao, but get more and more promises, especially from your country, and start moving them through the main European clubs to generate profits. Not only for your sports careers, but also for your pocket.

The last 'pinch' that Mendes has won has been in the signing of the young promise of Portuguese football, Francisco Trinco, 20 years old, by FC Barcelona. The Catalan club has paid 30.9 million euros to Sporting de Braga for the player, who will continue in the Portuguese team until the end of the season. And in addition, the representative has taken 1.5 million euros in intermediation in the negotiations, which could add 5.5 million for objectives. Total, seven kilos'.

This has been known because Braga Sporting is publicly traded, so it is obliged to publicize all its operations.

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