Liga Santander: Modric raises the leader's flag in El Sadar | LaLiga Santander 2019



Real Madrid goes back to Osasuna with goals from Isco, Ramos, Lucas and Jovic.

Modric, defended by Estupian, in El Sadar.

The leader was not from the beginning, but it was long enough in a place that demands real games. Back to reality, except for Bale, who puts a grotesque touch where he should put a touch of distinction, Madrid woke up from his initial nap by the attacks of Osasuna when Modric sent stop. The Croatian is one of the best but works like the worst, and when that happens, everything is possible. (1-4: Narration and statistics)

The ambition of the modest is one of the great changes of the League. There are few of the old 'buses' in the areas, and the Sadar it's an example. If Osasuna had parked it, the Madridistas would have stepped on the portfolios with which the public protests against their own club.

The change is really healthy and causes teams like the one he leads Jagoba Arrasate decompensate, as is the case with the powerful, for their offensive desire. This is an interesting coach, who thinks big with his feet on the ground and believes more in his work than in his character. It does not come out, like others, to the makeup band.

Osasuna was better when it was deployed than when folded, capable of run back to Madrid, until his area, but unable to defend with more solvency in his own, where he missed the game with shots of players without a brand, or surveillance. Isco, first; Sergio Ramos, later. At the break, the locals already had a wall in front, despite having advanced on the scoreboard.

Rubn Garca's goal

The men of Arrasate took the start, because Madrid was not the one of other of the hard places of the north, like Ipurua or Mendizorroza. Slowly, lose the individual duels against an opponent with devilish mobility, well grouped by the center and very clearly on how you wanted to attack: at the first uncheck, ball to the back of the defense. That auspicious scenario Osasuna arrivals and occasions, by Araniz, Rubn Garca and Torres, with good answers from Courtois. The dynamics, with no response from those of Zidane, ended up as it could not be otherwise, with the goal. It was the work of two of the Garca de Osasuna. In a stand-by action, Unai anticipated Casemiro and finished off the center of Rubn imperial.

It is not clear if the responsibility of surveillance at the arrival of the plant was from the Brazilian or another, perhaps Varane, but the truth is that the return of Casemiro to eleven was one of the symptoms of normalcy in Madrid after the elimination in the Cup with a version of the 'House of Horrors'. ZZ's hand went away. In Pamplona, ​​a hard place but where Madrid is doing very well in recent years, the French coach returned to the 'Liga mode', with Varane, Mendy and Carvajal in the defense, Casemiro in the media, more Isco and a surprise in attack . It was Bale, who goes from not being in the calls to be a starter.

There is something already irreverent and grotesque in the situation of the gals in Madrid, which has normalized the cartoon. With tailwind, everything happens. Otherwise, it will not be the same. Bale was slow, surpassed by Estupin At least once, which, at least, served Madrid to tie. The bitten gals pass resulted in a rebound that ended at Isco's feet in the area. It was the tie. Nothing more of the gals, the first to leave the field by instruction of ZZ. I replace Lucas Vzquez, who does not have his quality but has what the British does not put. The final goal will reward what is never discussed, the job.

The malagueo goal balancing the score after the game had already done, thanks to Madrid increasing the intensity and pace of the game. Osasuna lost prematurely to Moncayola, injured, and the whites could lose Sergio Ramos, who made a reckless entry on Rubn Garca. The VAR did not enter an action that could have meant an expulsion for the plant. More debate on the tool that should end the debate.

The Madrid counter

The pressure rose to Osasuna to the point of needing oxygen to get to rest. A sign that Modric was beginning to carburete. I did not resist. Ramos' goal, on the goalkeeper's line, came preceded by another from Casemiro. That two players pass the ball head in the small area must be put in the duty of Arrasate, despite his good work. Back to the field, he did it with the same intensity of the start, sometimes as a shot by Rubn Garca, but before a Madrid and less soft, put in flour.

Absent Chimy vila, Osasunista's main weapon, Arrasate sent Enric Gallego and Marc Cardona to the field, everything he had, while Madrid positioned itself to go against it, with Vinicius already in the field. Modric launched Benzema and Lucas Vzquez put the peace of mind to keep ZZ's treasure: the leadership. Again the Croatian was in the kitchen of the room, the work of Jovic.

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