Liga Santander: Imanol: “I have been without sleep for four days and I have lost five years of life due to the suffering of Bernabu” | LaLiga Santander 2019



Imanol, during the Cup match at the Bernabu.

The coach of the Real Sociedad, Imanol Alguacil, is not worried about the fatigue generated by the dispute over the Copa del Rey, with games during the week, and believes that his squad is very fresh to receive Athletic because “before a derby there is no fatigue, just the desire to play.”

“It has already happened on Thursday, but now the most important game is this Sunday and we need the help of our fans,” said Sheriff this Saturday at the facilities of Zubieta, where he appeared to offer his impressions about tomorrow's game.

I recognized that he is aware that the San Sebastian team “has generated a tremendous illusion” and said he was “excited” by the way in which the fans lived the tie runner, with “people excited, crying, bars full”, which means that “something they have achieved”.

He pointed out that he understands that his followers continue to enjoy the historic victory at Santiago Bernabu but he has already turned the page because he is aware that in the fight for European competition you cannot live on income and demands a win against Athletic.

“It is good for the fan who does not talk about the derby and keep talking about the semifinals after eliminating Madrid, but the team and I are focused on the game tomorrow that is just as important as the tie last day,” Alguacil said.

Wait for an Athletic who can play “with a five or four defense, he can make changes or not because they have a match on Wednesday or are accusing some effort of the past day against Barcelona, ​​but since we are not in the club we have to prepare the game having clear what we are going to do “he emphasized.

Obvi defeated the first round in San Mams because “no two matches are the same.” “It is very far and the conclusions that must be drawn were drawn, but the Royal has now grown a lot because it is so young that everything that happens to it is to grow,” he remarked.

Desvel that you have your staff available to make the call after players like Monreal or Martin Odegaard will end up played in the cup.

“I've been without sleep for four days and I've lost five years of life because of the suffering of the other day,” jokes an Imanol who wishes that “hopefully tomorrow he loses another five years of life” if he wins Athletic.

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