Lewndowski, a question of credibility for Laporta

The prestige of Joan Laporta is in play. After assuring that he would resolve the renewal of Messi in a barbecue to later not be able to retain the Argentine; and from leaking from January to March that he was going to sign Haaland until he understood that it was impossible, the president faces the challenge Lewandowski. One more failure with the Pole would erode his figure as president and, above all, would call into question his old reputation as a seducer, with a capacity for conviction superior to other leaders. That magic has been under suspicion for months and gives reason to those who think that the current Laporta lacks the old vigor of 2003, when he was elected president for the first time almost 20 years ago; and, above all, the quality of the team around him: Sandro Rosell, Small, Ferran Soriano, Marc Ingla ...

A The door he has been seen more nervous than usual in recent days, with reproaches to the team and the financial fairplay of LaLiga. It was he, however, who decided to minimize the effects of the pandemic to point out the management of Bartomeu; and who chose to depreciate players like Griezmann. That has turned against him and has limited Barça’s ability to manoeuvre.

Photo of de Lewandowski

Laporta has working on the matter Lewandowski a Matthew German Already jordi cruyff, who by the way has not yet appointed technical secretary in another of those strange movements since he is president. Barça has closed a verbal agreement with the player for the next three seasons, but the Bayern has been closed in band already The door he has no choice but to trust his friend Zahavi pines, who tries to put pressure on the Bavarians. The summer is going to be long for Barça. Perhaps also to The doorwhich risks its prestige in this market and is forced to move those famous economic levers that it has been talking about for so long so as not to fail in its attempt.

The door not only does he receive external pressure and has the critic pending what he is capable of doing. Also Xavi It was direct after the last day of the League: “It is the time of the dispatches”. The coach, after closing a bad end to the season that has deeply upset the president (“I am disappointed,” he said this week in an interview with The Sports), who decided not to accompany the staff on the trip to Australia, put the focus on the main floor so that it can do its job. Something like getting out of the spotlight and also getting some responsibility off of yourself for next season if the board doesn’t bring the promised signings. Laporta did not like the message at all; however, he is obliged to act because he himself put pressure on himself by announcing off the record to the media that at least one crack would wear the Barça shirt this week.

Lewandowskismiling this week in Cannes when he appeared with his wife in the Festival of cinema and was asked about a hypothetical Barça future, he has said yes to the Barçabut possibly he was not aware of the economic problems that surround the Barça club, beyond the obstacles that Bayern can put up. The doorwho this week has also had to deal with the information that comes from Messi’s environment in which it is ensured that the Argentine is sick of the president, is facing a very complex month of June in which he is going to have to move with mastery to tie the Polish striker and present something exciting to a crowd that has ended the season even more disappointed than the Barça president himself.