Levante 4-Betis 2 Salvacion granota, fiasco verdiblanco

Levante thrashed Betis to virtually certify their permanence and dream perhaps of the noblest positions on the table and The Verdiblanco team returned to its harsh mediocre reality in Alexis' second game as coach, after replacing Ruby. The canary had premiered with a suffered victory against Espanyol but La Nucia, who knew the first Levante victory in three games, spoke clearly: this Betis of the millions is an authentic and complete fiasco.

And that this time the verdiblancos started much better, squaring up in the pressure and creating a danger to which he responded as usual Aitor, the goalkeeper who most stops the League. Fekir He tested the Basque keeper on a cross ball and then Canales shot him in one of the first verdiblancos best quarter of an hour in recent times, at least in attack. Because the usual thing happened to him back. It is very easy to mark Betis. They had already faked Bardhi and campaign in two close shots that narrowly left so that Foreman, who gave the tabletop to Bartra, scored after one on one and so that the Macedonian virtuoso himself put a ball almost impossible to put land in the middle on the scoreboard (21 'and 35'). The three centrals of Alexis have not stopped the baetic hemorrhage either, that of the second team (so far) with the most goals scored by Primera.

Betis Shield / Flag

52 so many already against the other two that he received against the second half, thrashed by the Commander Morales, who returned to strip the green-white defensive line, and for Rochina in a double shot at close range. Betis proudly pulled in the final stretch and managed to tighten the scoreboard in two relaxations of the granota defensive line, an unchecking with great control of Channels (again the best of his team and they go …) and a bit of a scoundrel that he used to put Juanmi before his injury, and which he remembered once again by stealing Aitor's wallet, unable to catch a ball that was almost in his gloves. Some reaction but very late, which hardly served to make up the scoreboard. And in that, to make up things to make them look different, this Betis of recent times is a great expert.

Alexis: “52 goals against are relegation figures”

The Betis coach, Alexis Trujillo, confessed this Sunday that he is leaving “very upset” with a stretch of his team's performance in the 4-2 loss to Levante and admitted that his defensive balance, With 52 goals against, it is typical of a team that drops to the Second Division. “Our idea was for the team to score as few goals as possible and with these four the team has 52 goals,” Alexis insisted at the post-match press conference.

“We have tried to put together the team and The first twenty-five minutes were very good. The result was not fair at the break, but it was the real one. We made it very easy in the second part and that they generate so many occasions is not very normal, “he added.

Alexis pointed out that they cannot give such a feeling of fragility, that they must be “more compact and it is to be concerned” and explained that he is leaving “very upset”. “We did not go well in the second half, a little disconnected and they have taken advantage of us. I am very upset because the team was not in the way I wanted from the thirty minute to the fifteenth minute of the second half, “he said.

However, Alexis was happy with his players because the first twenty-five minutes were from his team, but commented that they gave Levante an advantage “with two naive errors.” “We had some doubts and misalignments and errors caused by ourselves made the team more hesitant, he was lost at the beginning of the second half and they had a pretty big advantage, “he finished.


Juanmi (45 ', Barragán), Tello (45 ', Guido Rodríguez), Saved (57 ', Bartra), Gonzalo Melero (63 ', Rochina), Roger (63 ', Morales), Hernâni (63 ', Enis Bardhi), Borja Iglesias (74 ', Loren Morón), Sergio Leon (74 ', Mayoral), Diego Lainez (82 ', Nabil Fekir), Robber (87 ', Radoja)


1-0, 21 ': Foreman, 2-0, 34 ': Enis Bardhi, 3-0, 49 ': Morales, 4-0, 58 ': Rochina, 4-1, 69 ': Channels, 4-2, 86 ': Juanmi


Referee: Santiago Jaime Latre
VAR Referee: José María Sánchez Martínez
Zouhair Feddal (39 ', Yellow) Barragan (46 ', Yellow) William Carvalho (83 ', Yellow) Borja Iglesias (89 ', Yellow