Letizia’s soccer event in Zaragoza: will Leonor attend the Queen’s Cup final?

Doña Letizia’s trip to Zaragoza. Starting this Saturday the 18th, the Aragonese capital becomes the center of the media spotlight. Felipe VI’s wife travels there to preside over the final of the Queen’s Cup, which will be played at the Romareda stadium between FC Barcelona and Real Sociedad. The game is at 7:00 p.m. The presence of her daughter Leonor, who studies at the General Military Academy, is being considered. It would be the mother and daughter’s soccer plan for Saturday afternoon.

The Princess of Asturias is in the middle of the second semester exam period, which will end on May 24. From that day on, a new stage of instruction and training begins for her. She begins the final stretch of her course in La General, which will end on June 19. This calendar of dates could be a stumbling block for Leonor in the face of soccer plans for the final of the Queen’s Cup. However, this meeting between the two is not ruled out. Above all, because three days later the heiress will celebrate her great moment by being awarded a triple mention: the Medal of the Cortes of Aragon, which she will receive at the Aljafería Palace; the appointment of the Adoptive Daughter of the Aragonese capital, which will take place at the City Hall headquarters; and finally, the Medal of Aragon, in the Seo del Salvador. For greater information tension, these three events on Tuesday, May 21, arrive on the eve of the 20th wedding anniversary of the Kings, on the 22nd.

Letizia attending the Queen’s Cup means greater visibility for women’s football. Felipe VI’s wife handles this image projection with mastery. She is an expert in communication. We saw this support in Sydney, with Sofía and the Spanish National Team in their historic victory in the World Cup final. It was in Australia, at that meeting in August 2023, the last time the Queen was officially on a football field. And the trip of Doña Letizia and her daughter Sofía to Sydney was also a great communication success. Quite apart was the embarrassing episode that Luis Rubiales starred in with that non-consensual kiss to Jenni Hermoso on the stadium podium.

The Red Festival in Sydney infected the Queen and the Infanta. The players were so proud of her feat against England that they began to cheer her on: “Let the Queen bounce.” It was an international 360º image campaign, without protocols or filters. There is no communication strategy that comes close to the media reach that those images that made women’s football so visible and so feminist had. Letizia symbolizes a new era in the institution, more modern and closer. We see it with these gestures.