Letizia wants to design Leonor’s military menu and the Academy refuses: “Everyone will eat the same”

Countdown to the entry of the Princess of Asturias into the Military Academy of Zaragoza. It will be next Thursday, August 17, when Leonor joins the rest of her fellow cadets to face this new stage in her life, one in which her mother will no longer be able to protect her as she has done up to now. For example, in food, one of Doña Letizia’s obsessions, which she has managed to design to her liking the menus of the school and the boarding school in which she studied her eldest daughter. Something she has tried without success this time: “The management of the military center has already let the queen’s advisers know that the menu will be the same for all the students and they will continue as last year.”

And it is that, as the minister Margarita Robles advanced, the heiress will be treated as one more cadet: she will get up at 6:30 am and undergo a review in the room she shares with the rest of her companions. Will wear official clothing: She will attend class dressed in a gray suit, which consists of pants, jacket and tie, and will receive four long-sleeved shirts for the winter months and another four short-sleeved shirts for the summer period, as well as two skirts. Also the pajamas and the tracksuit will be uniformed. In addition, Leonor will respect the image standards: hair collected in a braid, ponytail or low bun, natural makeup and no artifice (headbands, rings, manicures or visible tattoos).

The classes will be taught from Monday to Friday and the cadets they will have permits on weekends They don’t have maneuvers. They will also be able to enjoy breaks in the academy canteen, receive tutoring, go to the library or to the chapel. And here is the first privilege of the daughter of kings: she will enjoy an exclusive rest room that you will not have to share with the rest of the companions. A measure that according to digital closurehas outraged the rest of the ladies and cadets.

The second privilege of the heiress, as we already published, is a personalized study plan, since Leonor will take two courses in one: the first will be condensed from her admission (on August 17) to October 7, when Bandera will be sworn in. Then the second will begin.