Letizia, the queen of books, rap and culture: France also surrenders to the ‘Letizist’ current

He raps for El Chojin, follows TikTok, takes selfies (we saw it at the 25th anniversary of La Razón) and loves indie cinema. The queen, passionate about art and culture, has conquered the entire sector. Letizia, cover of Vanity Fair Spain, jumps borders and reaches France. The background portrait of the wife Felipe VI, signed by the journalists Paloma Simon y Monica Pargais published in the French version, which is titled: “Letizia of Spain, read, rap, rule” (Letizia: read, rap and reign). A portrait marked by her passion for culture in all its aspects, especially books and cinema.

Letizia’s unconditional support for the Atlántida Film Fest in Palma or the more recent Tudela Film Festival is well known. “The most affectionate, warm, fast, playful and funny Letizia, who laughs at herself like all intelligent people, emerges when she feels relaxed and confident.“, slide Luis Alegredirector of the Tudela festival, in the magazine.

They also gloss this portrait Luis García Montero, Bad Gyal, Elvira Lindo, Luz Sánchez-Mellado, María Hervás e Ida Vitale. The Queen has surrounded herself with actors, filmmakers and writers with whom she shares her passion for the arts. As she publishes the aforementioned magazine, a traditionally left-wing, republican and very combative union “that openly confesses to being Letizist”. His passion for culture “it comes from the factory”, says the writer and journalist Elvira Lindo. “He believes in what he does. If he supports these issues it is because he believes he should do so; if he did not feel that way, it would not be done. He understands, and it is not common, that a country is best known through its culture, and applies the story”, concludes the author of Manolito Gafotas. The authors emphasize that one of their most difficult challenges is paving the way for their daughter, Princess Leonor.