Letizia, surprise signing of the comedy duo Gomaespuma: her jump to the small screen to advocate for mental health

Mrs. Letizia is the guest star of Foam rubber, the reuniona program that Movistar+ will premiere on January 6 with Guillermo Fesser y Juan Luis Canomembers of the legendary comic duo, in favor of mental health.

The queen appears in the promotional video that Movistar + shared this Tuesday on social networks, and in which The three comedians chat with her about the importance of taking care of mental healtha topic about which she has always been very aware.

Doña Letizia points out in the recording that “mental health is a tool that prevents any type of psychological discomfort,” which is why it is important to transmit its value to the little ones. And she, grateful for being able to participate in a project of such characteristics, has dedicated some words of affection to both comedians, of whom she has declared herself a faithful follower.

Letizia, in fan mode

Letizia has confessed that almost four decades ago she listened “secretly” to the radio program they presented on M80 Radio, Gomaespuma. For this reason, she is grateful to be part of this initiative on the small screen. “Hey, but I think about it now, who was going to tell me after these years, When I was 13 or 14, I was eavesdropping Gomaespuma…”, reflects in the video.

Asked if she listened to the program by her own decision or “out of obligation”, the wife of Felipe VI declared herself a “voluntary” listener. “Who was going to tell me that almost 40 years later I would be here with the Gomaespuma Foundation and with all the projects it develops in so many countries, also in Spain, with this program on social education and emotions,” he celebrated.

By the way, demonstrating that he was part of the audience of the radio space, Letizia has sent greetings to Cándida Villar, Spanish radio host and actress who worked alongside Fesser and Cano on the program. Her work in said space consisted of making film reviews.