Letizia, Leonor and Sofía symbolize the new era of feminism in the monarchy: from Sydney to Zaragoza

Great success of communication the trip of Doña Letizia and her daughter Sofía to Sydney. The Red Party, with the young world champions raising their cups, infected the Queen and the Infanta as if by osmosis. A 360º image campaign.

Mother and daughter, at the foot of the field, began to hit boats and applaud with the Spanish Selection. Without protocols and without filters, very excited, with their arms raised and waving their personalized shirts. They were so proud of the historic victory over England that they celebrated the feat to the tune of “May the Queen bounce.”

The networks applauded this gesture, which went viral in minutes. There is no communication campaign, no matter how well planned, that comes close to the media reach of these images so close, so visibilizers of women’s football and so feminists too. A comprehensive 360º campaign.

Just like the success of sharing that first day of Princess Leonor in La General. Two moments of maximum informative attention in the same week, that of Sydney and that of Zaragoza.

Leonor, new era in the Crown

The importance of the image of Leonor is what it symbolizes. The context of the portrait is so powerful that it monopolizes the focus. The first time we see the heiress in the Army campaign uniform, her surnames embroidered on the cookie with the shield in the center. Hers was her first day at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza. First nerves. Her body gesture: straight neck and head. The military hat pulled down to the millimeter to her eyebrows. Serious and discreet countenance. Her gaze focuses on a fixed point. However, beyond all this context is the symbol.

Leonor, in this photograph, represents the new times of the institution and the Armed Forces. She is the synthesis of the new era of the Crown, with a huge feminist and equality message. Together with the Princess of Asturias, 611 colleagues entered, of which 140 are women. Among them is the future heiress head of state and captain general of the three Armies as supreme command of the Armed Forces. She there she is, in formation, perfectly prepared for that moment. Behind this military training is her father, Felipe VI. It has been your role model Since I was a child.