Letizia dazzles in London with a Victoria Beckham dress and Queen Sofia brooch: the entire ‘royal’ parade

The kings of Spain have attended this Friday the reception convened at Buckingham Palace that offers Charles III to all his royal guests hours before his coronation. Lady Letizia has surprised with a colorful outfit in vibrant green signed by Victoria Beckham in a nod to English fashion.

The midi-length dress with a flowing skirt also has a front drape that marks the figure of Doña Letizia and open sleeves like a chapel. Designed by David Beckham’s wife, it was presented at Paris Fashion Week last March. Bella Hadid was in charge of wearing it on the catwalk, although Victoria herself had worn it a few months before. The queen has combined it with navy salons to match the clutch of style baguette.

Special attention to the queen’s jewellery, specifically the bow-shaped diamond brooch that belongs to the emeritus Doña Sofía and that she has placed under her left shoulder, very visible. She has also rescued a diamond and sapphire bracelet from her jeweler (which she has already worn on other occasions) and has worn some premiere earrings.

Doña Letizia’s look has been the most striking of all those that have been seen this Friday afternoon at Buckingham Palace, as the rest of the invited ‘royals’ have opted for more discreet colors. For example, Swedish victory (accompanied by her father, the King Carl Gustaf) o mary from denmark (with her husband, Frederick of Denmark), both with separate dresses in the pink of the season. The first, with a draped bodice and bell skirt; the second with a lantern sleeve, quite a success.

Black has been the safe and elegant option for the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, Maria Teresa (accompanied by her husband, Enrique) and the young heiress Elizabeth of Belgiumfor the first time with his father, king philipin an event of such magnitude.

The most original have been Mette-Marit of Norway (with her husband, the Prince Haakon), of red and white; and Charlenne from Monaco (accompanying the prince albert), with a set of pants and an asymmetrical embroidered blouse in light blue.