Letizia attends the royal hand kiss in Amsterdam sitting on a stool: the queen’s ailment

Gala dinner at the Amsterdam Palace. The Dutch kings have offered a reception in honor of their guests, King Felipe and Letizia, with whom they maintain an excellent relationship. Beyond the magnificent looks of the queens and the now classic ‘tiara duel’the anecdote of the day involved the Spanish consort, who asked for a stool to attend to the royal hand-kissing, which 200 guests passed by.

The busy official schedule and the heels have taken their toll on the wife of Felipe VI, who has been suffering for years from an ailment known as Morton’s Neuroma, which causes intense pain in her feet. This is the reason why Doña Letizia put away her very high stiletto heels and switched to the moderate ‘kitten heels’, much lower and more comfortable. This Wednesday, however, was not enough. Letizia could not stand the pain and she had to attend to the royal hand kiss sitting on a stool. Of course, with a smile and all the naturalness that characterizes her.

For the same reason, the official photograph of the meeting between the Dutch and Spanish kings could not be taken standing and the four of them chose to sit.

Doña Letizia confessed her illness in 2022. This is a chronic metatarsalgia that has led to Morton’s neuroma, which consists of thickening of the tissue around one of the nerves in the toes and is caused, in many cases, by excessive use of high heels. This may cause sharp pain, burning, itching, or numbness in the affected fingers. It is treated with hot and cold contrasts, radiofrequency or open surgery.