Letizia and the reason for her rictus on Leonor’s big day: “She had a bad night”

It has been one of the most talked about anecdotes of the day: the serious and nervous expression of the Queen Letizia. Many attributed it to the absence of his parents (obligated by that of the emeritus, so as not to make distinctions); others to the protocol failure that has made her wear the same tone of dress (Asturias blue) as the president of Congress, Francina Almengol. The circle close to the royal family, however, has ruled out both: “The queen was not feeling well.”

Doña Letizia is a firm and very perfectionist woman. Aware of the institutional and social importance of this October 31, she had been feeling very nervous for days. She wanted everything to be perfect, not only as a queen, but above all as a mother. “The nerves played tricks on him and he had a very bad night. He wasn’t feeling well”they have said in TardeAR.

A discomfort that has left us with one of the most tender images of the day: the Princess Eleanor hugging his mother with a protective gesture. She also seemed to ask him if she was feeling better, to which Letizia, with a shy smile, responded affirmatively. A video that has gone viral and has caused a sensation: “she is not a princess with a queen, she is a daughter protecting her mother,” they commented on networks.

After lunch at the Royal Palace and already in the Plaza de Oriente, where they greeted dozens of people on the street, Mrs. Letizia wore a more relaxed face. You could already see her usual energy and smile, discussing the day’s events with the neighbors. “Did you like it?” she asked. The worst was over and her daughter has obtained the ‘Cum Laude’ from the national and international press. Firm, self-confident, educated, sweet… Leonor has won everyone’s hearts today.