Letizia and her cooperation trip to Colombia: when the hashtag is work (and not looks)

The Queen’s international agenda rules. New journey of Cooperation for Mrs. Letizia bound for Colombia. It will take flight next Monday the 12th and will remain in the Latin American country on June 13 and 14. The wife of Philip VI he throws himself into his solo cooperative trips. He prepares the meetings from Madrid, knows each and every one of the fields of work that he is going to tackle and controls each meeting to the millimeter, each person with whom he is going to meet. We will see the Queen again with her volunteer’s red vest, with her jeans and her white shirt. Her looks are in the background. He hashtag of these trips is always work.

Doña Letizia will have the opportunity to see first-hand the work carried out by the Spanish Cooperation (AECID) in the areas of poverty eradication. She too, in the fields of gender equality, in the empowerment of women and girls; in inclusive economic growth and youth employment. In addition, she will hold meetings with social agents on the construction of peace, social justice and the fight against violence in all its forms. The Secretary of State for International Cooperation, Pilar Cancela, will be the person accompanying the Queen.