Lequio’s theory about Leonor’s necklace (with a message in Arabic): “Sounds like a school friend”

The princess eleanor This weekend he lived one of the most important days of his life: his graduation in Wales. The heiress to the throne and the rest of the royal family surprised with a beautiful selfie, although another detail also drew attention on social networks: the necklace that the protagonist chose for this special and significant day.

It is an elegant golden chain with a diamond and a word written in Arabic: alhubu, which means “love”. Alessandro Lequiogreat-nephew of King Juan Carlos and declared Juancarlista, said this Monday in Ana Rosa’s program: “Sounds like a school friend. The other theories are nonsense.”

This weekend there has been much talk on Twitter about the necklace. Imagination is free and each one drew their own theories and conclusions. “I don’t have a theory. Hopefully. It just makes me a little funny that he wears a pendant in Arabic, with what his grandfather in Saudi Arabia likes,” wrote the journalist Martín Bianchi Tasso. Lequio, as he has stressed, firmly rejects this and other theories that are not his own, that of the “school friend”.

Leaving aside the issue of the necklace and the theories that have emerged on Twitter and television sets, the truth is that a new stage is opening in the life of Princess Leonor. The granddaughter of King Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía has already finished her school years after graduating from the International Baccalaureate at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales and has earned a few days off until August 17 when she enters the Zaragoza military academy to Begin the next step of your training.