Lequio tells Bertín Osborne and sentences Gabriela Guillén: “She said she was taking precautions but…”

The interview of Gabriela Guillén last Friday, three days after giving birth to her sixth child Bertin Osborne, has revolutionized the Telecinco sets. This Monday, all the commentators wanted to comment on the model's statements and Alessandro Lequio, as always, has been one of the most blunt. The Italian count believes that the Paraguayan woman's pregnancy was not an accident: “I had my doubts if it was an accident or a unilateral decision. Since Friday my doubts have been greatly reduced. From the moment Gabriela says that she wanted to be a mother and that she was the one who had control over the issue. White, milk.”

Lequio believes that Gabriela had it all in mind: “He said very clearly that he did not want to be a father, and she did. She said that she took her precautions and everything. When you go with a person who tells you that they take their precautions, then Castilla is wide. .. But you don't have to trust.”

Furthermore, the Italian count believes that Bertín's feelings were not those of Gabriela and that each one lived the relationship in a very different way: “You can have a serious relationship with a person whom you see once a week and another “The one you see three times a week is mere entertainment. Nobody tells the truth here because there is no absolute truth and everyone plays with their versions and interests.”

Bertín Osborne's response

The singer has not responded to Gabriela's interview but his closest circle has. They deny the times offered by the model and affirm that she waited to be three months pregnant before breaking the news to Bertín. What's more, they claim that when she told him, he had already ended their relationship: “she told him there would be no second chances.”

A few days ago, they also assured that the presenter had evidence that the Paraguayan woman had maintained a parallel relationship with another man, which is why doubts regarding the paternity of the child had strongly emerged. “When the results of the DNA test come out, everything will be over”they say.