Lequio talks about “the meetings for gentlemen” in which Genoveva Casanova met Federico: “Express prohibition of wives”

For a week now the real hurricane has been passing through Genoveva Casanova y Frederick of Denmark, who were photographed together in Madrid. The Danish crown prince even stayed the night at his house. This weekend, Informalia exclusively announced that Queen Margaret’s son traveled to Madrid to cut off his friendship with her. The Mexican has publicly denied having a romantic relationship with him and the Danish Royal House does not comment on the matter because it thinks this is a “private matter” of the future king of her country.

Regarding the hunt in which they supposedly met and which has caused so much talk in recent days, Alessandro Lequio has given his own opinion on the matter: “Last week someone said that Federico de Denmark and Genoveva Casanova met on a hunt . Knowing that world, the only thing that fits me is that the two coincided in one of those central European hunts because Genoveva was accompanying another of the attendees.“, he says at the beginning of the post he shared this Tuesday on Instagram.

The Italian count added in this regard: “At the moment I don’t know exactly where it was… But Many of these meetings are organized for gentlemen, with the express prohibition of being accompanied by their wives, but total freedom to bring as many friends as they want.“. In this sense, Father Aless Lequio launched his own conclusion: “In that context Genoveva was able to be accompanied by a man and there meet Federico.
P.S. “No matter how much they say, coincidences do not exist, and the theory of the photographer who was passing by there is very difficult for me to believe.”

María Patiño, for her part, responded on the comments wall: “Opinion is a genre but information is the only thing that interests me.”

The photographs of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo’s ex with Mary Donaldson’s husband walking through Madrid came to light a week ago, coinciding with the state trip of Felipe VI and Doña Letizia to Denmark, invited by Queen Margaret. Close sources told Informalia what Genoveva Casanova and Federico from Denmark have been seeing each other for months and the Madrid date was by no means the only one.

But the most surprising thing about the new information that reached us is that Federico from Denmark had actually come to Madrid to meet face to face with his friend Genoveva Casanova with the purpose of telling her in person that their ‘friendship’ (let’s put it that way) had to end and that Genevieve, being aware of her husband’s intentions, preferred that public opinion know about her relationship (whatever it may be) with the future Danish monarch. It doesn’t matter to us that he did it by calling photographers, as various people, as well as Danish media, have suggested, or that he did it by taking her friend Royal to places where she knew there was a very high probability of being photographed.

The photographs of Federico with Genoveva have caused a media earthquake in Copenhagen of astronomical dimensions if we take into account those reported by Danish journalists, who assume a ‘de facto’ separation between Mary Donaldson and the heir to the Danish throne.