Lequio talks about the emeritus party in Abu Dhabi: “They were all of an age to have tacataca careers”

Alessandro Lequiograndnephew of king Juan Carlos, spoke about the party organized by the emeritus in Abu Dhabi to celebrate his 86th birthday. Some friends were invited to this party, such as Marta Gayá which in his day was very special for him, and Those from the riverwho gave everything with the Macarena.

Contrary to what has been said on television sets, the Italian count assures that it was not at all an out-of-this-world party. He has also assured that Doña Sofía's husband did not start dancing to the rhythm of the well-known song: “It was a party of friends, but not at all that party that many were announcing. It was not an act of response, not at all. Not all of them danced, due to their age they were all more into doing tacataca races than dancing the Macarena“.

Most of his grandchildren attended the party (led by Victoria Federica and Froilán – the most similar to the emeritus) and the infantas Elena and Cristina, with some of their children. They were not Princess Eleanorwho has already returned to Zaragoza, and the Infanta Sofiawho continues his training in Wales.

Lequio, a declared Juancarlist, also spoke a few weeks ago about the meal that the Borbón family organized in Madrid for the 60th birthday of Infanta Elena, which was also attended by Philip VI and the Queen Letizia: “It was a staging like a book. Everyone has come together so that Felipe and Letizia will try to diffuse all kinds of rumors. It is first class marriage to pose together, from Federico de Denmark to Sergio Ramos.” And he added: “King Juan Carlos is no longer the plagued one in the family. The choice of the restaurant was his due to his relationship with the owners and he was the one who paid the bill”. At this party, Casa Real tried to show unity and harmony. The celebration came after the tweets published by Jaime del Burgo about the Asturian consort.