Lequio responds to Ana Obregón: “A seven-month-old baby does not have the capacity to want to meet someone”

Ana Obregon was interviewed this Tuesday by Ana Rosa Quintana and from the set he called on Alessandro Lequio. The actress once again sent him an invitation to meet the little girl Ana Sandra: “My house and my door are open to you. Anita is your son’s daughter and I believe that Aless would be very happy If you could hug her. I can’t wait for me to meet your and María’s daughter and I would love for you to come home because Aless deserves it. Anita laughs when she sees you, I think she’s looking forward to meeting you.“said the actress.

Since the death of his son in May 2020 and especially since the birth of the little girl in March, the Italian count has repeated ad nauseam that he does not want to speak publicly about the controversies surrounding the presenter. It must be remembered that Alessandro has never confirmed Obregón’s version: that Aless’s last wish was to have children even after her death.

“I am an educated person. From the outset I respect her because she is the mother of my son and I feel affection. For a matter of mental image I have decided not to speak. I am incapable of spending all day bringing up this topic and that is why I remain silent. Of course, it must be said that A seven-month-old baby does not have the capacity to want to meet someone.“, he said this Wednesday on Telecinco.

Regarding her son’s wishes before dying, she maintains her position: “I remain silent.” Regarding the way in which Obregón faces the pain of his son, he adds: “I’m not going to judge certain behaviors, I’m not going to. If I start judging we won’t finish. I’m not going to enter. From the first day I decided to remain silent. I need it for my well-being.” However, she does say: “How many interviews have you done? Me too? None. She is like that. We are different“.

In short, he does not enter into controversy and reiterates that he remains silent for his mental health and that of his family, made up of Maria Palacios And your daughter Ginevra Ena: “The important thing is how I am, how I and my family feel. My family is my wife and my daughter and I don’t care about the rest, honestly.. In my family we have some principles, one of them is to never take seriously what they say about us. The second thing is to take seriously the things that do matter in life. And the most important thing in life is family. What you think, or what he thinks, I don’t care“.

Anita was born on March 20 through surrogacy in Miami, where this method is legal. According to Ana, He resorted to the semen of his deceased son more than three years ago to fulfill his last wish. Throughout these months, the actress has been criticized for the practice she used to bring the girl into the world, for her age to become a mother-grandmother (68) and for the public exposure she has made of the little girl in magazines. and social networks. The girl’s baptism will be celebrated in December, with Aless’s best friend (Justin) as godfather and his cousin Celiadaughter of Celia García Obregónas godmother.