Lequio puts Ana Obregón in the center of the target for the money not contributed to the foundation: “It is her moral issue”

Alessandro Lequio He spoke again this Tuesday about the accounts of the Aless Lequio foundation and the money not contributed so far by Ana Obregonjust like Informalia exclusively advanced. The actress publicly said that she would donate the exclusive money to her and, at the moment, she has not done so. Furthermore, in recent days she has given a series of contradictory versions on the matter.

The Italian count, like this Monday, has insisted that the foundation's accounts are those of the foundation and those of Obregón, those of Obregón: “The foundation is a young foundation, but healthy with very clear accounts. Another thing is the commitment that Ana has publicly acquired. I don't know if he has done it or not. The desires and wills of each one are the desires and wills of each one, She may have changed her mind at a given moment, but it's her thing. At the foundation we are doing our work.”

In this way, the talk show host has reiterated on Telecinco that what the actress does or does not do is her business and has put her in the center of the target: “I don't know if Ana has fulfilled the commitments she has made publicly. It's a moral question of yours“.

Aless Lequio's father has also not overlooked the times that Ana said she would donate what she earned in her exclusives: “I have a list of exclusives that have been sent to me. There are two journalists who have been behind this whole story for a year and yesterday they sent me a list of all the exclusives. She has done all this and here [señalando a su móvil] I have dozens“.

The money obtained by The Shrew Boy, the book that Aless started during her illness and the presenter finished writing. The publisher said that sales are not settled until the end of March, but the presenter has received a series of advances and these, so far, have not gone to the foundation.

He puts his hand in the fire for the foundation

Obregón is the president of the foundation and Lequio is the vice president. After Ana accused him of being the mole of this information, Lequio explained that he does not have access to the accounts, only the biologist and the treasurer. This Tuesday, Lequio has once again vindicated the work of the foundation: “They are talking about the foundation as if it were the Red Cross with buildings all over the world. And at the moment ours is a young, humble foundation, with only one employee. part time. We are very careful not to waste a single euro of the foundation because the foundation has a very clear purpose“.

And he insists: “They are confusing the foundation's accounts with Ana's, I don't know their times, It probably will. These are his times and I don't care exactly. But Do not confuse the foundation's accounts with those of Ana“. “Let's see if you find out”he stressed to one of his set colleagues.

Obregon and Lequio

The tension between the two has been evident since the birth of Ana Sandra via surrogate in March of last year. In February, he already knew that the girl was on the way. In February, his son's foundation was presented to the media and he did not attend. Then it was said that because of Covid. It was the first time that a distance was shown between the two after the death of his son, Aless Lequio, in May 2020. To date, the talk show host has not confirmed that his son's last wish was to have children after he died. He has also clarified on repeated occasions that his only family is his wife, Maria Palaciosand his little daughter, Ginevra Ena.