Lequio pulverizes Arantxa Sánchez Vicario: “That thing about not understanding money is stale machismo”

Second day of the trial against Arantxa Sánchez Vicario and Josep Santacana for an alleged crime of asset seizure for having, supposedly, hidden and decapitalized their assets to avoid paying their debt. The former tennis player would have pleaded guilty, so she will be sentenced to two years in prison (the minimum so that, without a criminal record, imprisonment is not effective, although the Prosecutor’s Office asks for four). In addition, she must pay a fine that exceeds two million euros. Alessandro Lequio has analyzed Sánchez Vicario’s line of argument and has thrown some very harsh words at We’ll see.

Coincidences of life: five years after their separation and coinciding with the date of their wedding (September 12, 2008), Arantxa and Santacana have seen each other again in Criminal Court number 25 of Barcelona.

The day before, the former tennis player burst into tears and uttered some words that resonated throughout the media: “I didn’t pay because my husband told me not to. I am a tennis player and I have no knowledge of assets or companies.” “I trust my husband.” This statement has been criticized by Lequio. “Saying that she doesn’t know or understand money is rancid machismo. And hiding behind her status as a woman to appear stupid, no one believes it. A woman who accused her father of stealing her entire fortune, then doesn’t You can say that you didn’t know anything. This is the same as that of the Infanta Cristina: ‘I don’t know anything.’