Lequio gets fed up and ends his relationship with Ana Obregón in just two words

The Italian count has been engulfed by the controversy carried out by Ana Obregon and his alleged donations to the Aless Lequio Foundation, of which he himself is vice president. After an exchange of messages between them through the media that has revealed the tense relationship they maintain after the death of his son, Alessandro has decided to cut short all controversy: “Maximum respect for the mother of my son, I have affection for her, I appreciate her and, above all, I have maximum respect for her.”

The Italian count 'stops' in this way the war that was beginning to brew between the two: first due to Ana's insinuations pointing out her ex as the 'mole' of the information published about her accounts and then due to the darts that she herself launched against the one who was the father of her son: “I always supported my son, I never needed any man, until his funeral,” she said a few days ago. He responded a few hours later from his own program: “Talking about the past seems dark and malicious to me.”

After the first impulse, Lequio does not want to continue with this war and backed down this Tuesday: “The malicious and dark term is something that I use as a joke on the set, the subject is exhausting.” He denies that it was a “dart” and assures: “There is nothing, the foundation has no problem, Ana has no problem and I have no problem”. And he added: “Ana and I have had an extraordinary relationship centered around our son, we have always gotten along wonderfully and we have never had any problems.”

The count has always tried to stay away from the media exposure that Ana Obregón likes so much. Beyond his position as a talk show host in the mornings of Mediaset, Lequio enjoys a quiet life away from the spotlight, crying over the death of his son in absolute privacy. He, too, has not wanted to participate in the presentation of Ana Sandra, whom he does not even know yet. “I have been with someone for 25 years, we are married, we have a daughter, we are happy and she is already here.”