Lequio does not want to meet Ana’s daughter-granddaughter despite Obregón saying otherwise

From the moment the surrogate motherhood of Ana Garcia Obregon with the frozen semen samples of his deceased son, Alessandro Lequio has opted for silence or for brief statements that have said a lot. Now, it is confirmed that the Italian count has no intention of meeting the little girl Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón.

Last Wednesday, in a new edition of Hola, the actress said that Lequio would meet her granddaughter: “Man, of course!” However, Alessandro himself later explained in Ana Rosa’s program: “I’ve been married for 25 years and with a family. I have another family. My life is different. I don’t have to find out about other people’s lives. That’s the remote past.” Alessandro, who in 2016 became the father of Ginevra Ena con Maria PalaciosHe also clarified that he likes children, but his own.

A week later, the count’s professional environment explains in Lectures: “However, he keeps quiet and prefers not to confront her for fear of scandal, has a lot to protect“. Lequio repeats on television that he does not speak out of respect for the memory of his son, who was a very discreet young man who did not like media exposure.

However, it must be remembered that although Ana and Alessandro have tried their whole lives to stay together for Aless’s sake, especially during illness, their separation in 1994, after the count’s alleged infidelity with the stewardess Silvia TinaoIt was very controversial. Despite everything, in recent years, Obregón has always publicly defended Lequio. Also after the accusations of mistreatment of Antonia Dell’Attewhich occurred again in 2021, about a year after Aless’s death.

Then, Ana asked for respect for her son’s memory: “If you don’t do it for us, do it for my Aless who adored her father and so she can rest in peace.” And he clarified: “Alessandro has never mistreated me. He has never been tried or sentenced as an abuser. I have seen with my own eyes the scientific police report that concludes that the complaint of mistreatment filed by this lady has been falsified.”

the protagonist of Ana and the 7 holds in his book, The boy with the shrews, that Aless’s last will was to have children even after death. According to her, her son told them from the hospital, in his last days of life: “Mom, dad. If something happens to me, remember the sample I left in the laboratory in New York. I want to have children, even if I’m gone. It is my wish. Promise me that you will do it. Please.” However, Lequio has not yet confirmed this version: neither that her son asked to be a father nor that the semen left New York. On Instagram, yes, she wrote a message to her son: “Always walking in the same direction.”

For the moment, the media storm could be even bigger if Alessandro said what he really thinks of Ana’s decision without hindrance and the presenter reacted to it. Keeping the waters calm at the moment is difficult for both parties, although for the moment it seems that the two have made this decision for the memory of Aless and for not fueling a war that could break out at any moment if the rope continues to tighten.