Lequio consummates contempt for Ana Obregón's universe of exclusives and skips Ana Sandra's baptism

The legal mother of Ana Sandra and, as she herself maintains, the little girl's alleged biological grandmother, not only did she say at the time that Aless's father would meet the baby. Ana Obregon She even asked, very offended, a few days after revolutionizing Spain with her surrogate motherhood, how the media could even question whether the supposed grandfather was going to be next to his alleged granddaughter.

We say “alleged” because, except for the testimony of the biologist, no proof has been shown so far that this creature was conceived from the semen of Aless Lequiopreserved and used years after death, by virtue of a wish of the deceased himself, according to Obregón, a statement that has never been corroborated. Alessandro Lequio in Carolina Monje, the two people who lived with the young man, in addition to his mother, in the last throes of his life. The suspicion that we put on the table is shared by those around Alessandro Lequio and his wife, Maria Palacios.

Perhaps the different ways of telling and understanding Aless's wishes explain the aristocrat's absence this Sunday at the baptism-exclusive organized by the presenter and decorated with guests, godmother and godfather at forced marches, late and after many changes and delays.

Lequio, let us remember, not only has he not attended the latest media invention created by Álex's mother: he has not met Ana Sandra when 9 months have passed since her birth. It is enough to review what the biologist said at the beginning about Lequio being aware of everything related to Ana Sandra's arrival into the world and recapitulate the Italian's repeated statements to deduce that the distance between María Palacios' husband and the presenter is interstellar. : “It's not that they get along badly, it's that they don't get along at all, there is no bad relationship; it's just that there isn't any,” a source from the Obregón family tells us.

Celia Vega-Penichet and Giaccomo Ugarellía close friend of Aless Lequio, have finally been, as we had already anticipated, the godparents of the little girl, whose baptism took place when and where we published the scoop.

Ana Obregón celebrated the baptism of her daughter-granddaughter, Ana Sandra in a ceremony that brought together only her closest relatives at the Nuestra Señora de la Moraleja church, in Madrid, where her deceased son was fired on June 30, 2020.

For Ana, life is a theater and she sells exclusives like someone who sells tickets to a performance: the wardrobe chosen for the session and which we will see in Hello on Wednesday was a two-piece suit in pastel pink. The girl, as we already said, was wearing the same Christian dress that Aless Lequio wore.

Obregón entered the baptism surrounded by her brothers, Celia, Amalia, Javier and Juan Antonioher nephews, the little girl's caregiver and one of her close friends and makeup artist and hairdresser, Alberto Dugarte. After the ceremony at the church, there was an agape at Obregón's house with no more than 30 people. Among them, Carolina Monje, who was Aless's girlfriend and with whom Obregón, as he claimed to the media, was supposed to have a good relationship, has not been there either. “False,” a source close to him tells us: “They don't have any, neither bad nor good, they don't treat each other,” they explain to us.

Celia Vega-Penichet, godmother and one of Aless's cousins, is the little girl's guardian. Giaccomo Ugarellí, her godfather, was a friend of Áless since the two attended the ICS (International College Spain) de la Moraleja school together, in Madrid. The young man has traveled from London to practice after another friend of Áless rejected the offer.

“I have learned to accept people as they are and to relativize the problems that we all have. I don't care about anything anymore. I just want to stay with my Anita and give her all the love until I can,” the biologist now says.