Lequio confirms that Ana Obregón committed to donations “and for the moment has not fulfilled”

Alessandro Lequio has spoken out again about the donations that Ana Obregon promised that he would do it to the Aless Lequio Foundation and that for the moment he has not done it, as he announced Informalia. The Italian count's response has come hours after the new statement issued by the foundation: the organization defends the transparency of its accounts and the honorability of its objectives (which no one questions) but still does not clarify the doubts about the alleged donations that the foundation presenter announced and that, as of today, it does not seem that they have been implemented.

“The only thing that worries me is the foundation. The statement corroborates point by point what I have said these days. I am worried that my son's legacy will be dirty and, as I said, this is a story about Ana, not about the foundation.“Aless Lequio's father explained this Thursday on Telecinco.

Once again, he once again disconnects Ana's accounts from those of the foundation, which, he insists, are clear: “As I said yesterday, this is a story about Ana, not about the foundation, which has its funds, its path, its projects. Everything that comes will be welcome, but it will be. No one is obligated to do anything at all.“.

Lequio confirms that Obregón has not donated everything he promised so far, that is, what he earned with his exclusives and the copyright of The Shrew Boy. It should be remembered that the accounts for the book are not settled, according to the publisher and the presenter herself, until March, but the actress has already received a series of advances that for the moment have not gone to the foundation that researches cancer.

“Ana has integrity and always fulfills her commitments, but she has made a public commitment. He has no obligation, but he has publicly committed to donating the fruits of his exclusives and apparently he has not done so. So all this has blown up and somehow has soiled the name of the foundation when the foundation is completely clean of dust and chaff“Lequio reiterated.

In this sense, it has been clear: “She is a private person who happens to be the president of the foundation. She has committed to a series of donations and at the moment they have not been fulfilled”.

The count, reserved when talking about his son on television sets or in the media out of respect for his memory, says that now he is speaking so that the name of his foundation is not tarnished: “We have been talking about this story for days. and I have nothing more to add. I have stayed away from what concerns my son, I don't want to talk, but a foundation that bears my son's name and legacy is being touched.. “That touched me.”

Regarding Obregón's donations, he explains: “I do not have access to the accounts, only the treasurer, who is a close friend of mine and a very prudent person. I asked him and he told me that there was the advance money, the 30,000 euros, for the opening about the foundation and about her mother's purse. If she hasn't donated it, it's because something has come up, I'm sure she will, I'm convinced.”

She has also relied on the contradictory versions that the biologist has given so far about her exclusives: “She has gotten involved with her explanations and people are starting to speculate, to say…”. And he clarified: “It is not an illegality, it is a moral commitment”.