Lequio and Joaquín Prat cry out to heaven after Shakira’s video clip with their children: “It’s vomiting”

Shakira surprised her legion of followers this Monday by publishing the video clip of her new song, acrostic, in which his children appear singing, playing the piano and immersed in the move to Esplugas de Llobregat, among boxes, toys and the foundations of the house where one day they were so happy with Gerard Piqué. The theme is dedicated to the little ones and the singer assured on her social networks that they participated on her own initiative.

However, there are those who disagree with the fact that he exposes his minor children (Milan is 10 years old and Sasha is 8) through his musical works.

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Alessandro Lequio shares this opinion and has made it known this Tuesday in Ana Rosa’s program: “At the time when we are trying to protect the privacy of the minor as much as possible, these things should not be done or, if they are done, should not be applauded.” In this sense, he has put himself in the shoes of Gerard Piqué: “They do it to me and I can’t explain how I react. It seems very bad to me.”

Despite the fact that there is no record of whether Piqué, happily in love with Clara Chía, has given his consent or not, Ana Obregón’s ex has added: “It’s vomiting. Shakira is a first-rate star and she doesn’t need anyone to promote herself, and except his children. There is a father and it seems that the father does not exist”.

Joaquín Prat, who has applauded the lyrics of the ballad but not the video clip, has also given his particular opinion: “The video clip is chilling. It is using minors to capture a reality that they themselves have experienced.”

Con acrosticShakira leaves behind (at least for the moment) the line of Congratulations, Monotony, Session 53 y TQG, his hit spite songs. Through this new song, she thanks her children for all the support she has found in them. “Only one plate was broken, not all the crockery / And although I don’t know how to turn the other cheek / Learning to forgive is wise,” the song says.

In the video clip, the three appear between boxes, in the middle of the move and recreating their departure from the house in Barcelona. Shakira and the little ones have been living in Miami since April. Milan and Sasha, at the end of the month, received the first visit from her father, who days before was also with Clara Chía in Abu Dhabi celebrating the 24th birthday of the young Catalan.