Lequio, about the book by Ana Obregón y Aless: “I only know the 20 pages that my son wrote”

Ana Obregonin full controversy over the surrogate motherhood of her daughter-granddaughter, launches next Wednesday, April 19 The boy with the shrews. It is about the book that, according to her, her son began to write in full illness and that she finished after her death. The benefits will go to the Aless Lequio Foundation, as the presenter has explained.

Alessandro Lequiothe young man’s father, spoke about it this Thursday in Ana Rosa’s program: “My son wrote 20 pages of reflections, I don’t know the rest. But it could be the germ of a book, yes.” And he has reiterated: “I know the 20 pages that my son wrote“. Of those written by Ana, I have no idea: “I have no knowledge of these pages.”

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What do you think of Ana’s decision to make public the reflections of Alesshas added: “There I am not going to answer you anymore, that’s another history“Once again, he prefers not to talk about certain issues so as not to generate controversy.

Finally, Lequio has praised the young entrepreneur, who died on May 13, 2020 due to cancer: “He was a very well-read guy, he loved to read and write.” Throughout these days, a certain tension and discomfort has been generated in Ana Rosa’s program. Lequio is “sad and angry” that his son is fully topical. He has not given his opinion with total freedom of what he thinks about Ana’s motherhood, but his gestures and his few words have said a lot these days. Obregón used the young Aless’s frozen semen to have a granddaughter by surrogate in Miami, where this method is legal, unlike in our country.

At the same time, she has clarified the controversy over the holographic will left by her son, in which, according to Ana, she would have expressed her last wish to have children: “It is a document written in the testator’s own handwriting. I have only said that she wrong to explain it, but the document exists”.

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