Leonor’s temperance and serenity in the swearing in of the Constitution: four minutes of applause and her hand on her heart

A ceremony for history. 37 years have passed since Philip of Bourbon swear to the Constitution. As heir, the oath now fell to the Princess Eleanor. The solemn session took place at the Palacio de las Cortes this Tuesday the 31st, the date of his 18th birthday.

Madrid has deployed all its festive artillery to host this great event with a military parade. Giant screens, portraits of the Princess and 7,500 flags. Philip VI, Joy and their daughters, aboard two Rolls Royce Phantom IVs, have traveled the route from the Zarzuela Palace to the Congress of Deputies. 19 kilometers escorted by the Motorcycle Section of the Royal Guard. Leonor, from the car, gave us the very first photograph of the day.

The Kings and their daughters have been accompanied by a representation of the three armies, the Land Company, the Navy and the Air and the Civil Guard since they walked down the main street to the Cortes. At the foot of the lions, in Congress, the Halberdiers were waiting for them. The greeting line was formed there. The Royal Family has been received by the acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the Chief of the Defense Staff JEMAD, Teodoro Esteban López Calderón. The monarch reviewed the Mixed Honors Battalion.

The Lion’s Gate and the 220 kilo gala canopy

Immediately afterwards, the president of the Congress of Deputies, Francina Armengol; and the president of the Senate, Pedro Rollan. An image that has been produced on the stairs of the Cortes, next to the lions and in front of the 215 kilo gala canopy, an impressive 147 meter canopy made by the Tapestry Factory in 1902 for the swearing in of Alfonso XIII. Through the Lions Gate, which is only opened for solemn events, they entered the Queen’s Lobby, where they were received by the president of the Constitutional Court, Cándido Conde Pumpidoand the General Council of the Judiciary, the member Vicente Guilarte.

Same specimen of the Constitution

From the Hall of Lost Steps Their Majesties and their daughters have taken their seats on the platform of the Hemicycle. From the Press area we can see the tribune upholstered in crimson red for the occasion. The same tapestries and carpets that were used in Philip’s swearing-in. An ephemeral image, that of the Hemicycle without seats, which have been removed to place 585 crimson chairs. Deputies and senators were crowded together, some leaning on the backrest and others were on the edge of their seats.

The National Anthem has been heard. Armengol opened the session, in which he made express reference to the joint session of the chambers for the swearing-in of the heiress, according to article 61 of the Constitution. The president said: “Long live the Constitution, long live Spain and long live the King!” She has urged us to stand up. Deathly silence. It is then that we heard the Princess pronounce the same formula as her father in 1986: “I swear to faithfully carry out my duties, to keep and ensure that the Constitution and the laws are kept and to respect the rights of citizens and the autonomous communities and fidelity to the King.“. The 30 words for the story. 14 seconds. More than four minutes of applause have accompanied the heiress. The Kings have kissed their daughter. Letizia hugged her around her waist. The King and Princess thanked the endless applause with their hands right in the heart.

While he swore, he placed his right hand on a copy of the Magna Carta, the same one on which his father swore. This is a replica of the manuscript of Luis Moreno from a series of 200 copies from 1980, printed on laid paper, manufactured for this edition by Guarro Casas. The copy that Leonor has sworn has an insert added with the reforms of articles 13 and 135.