Leonor’s surprise party for her 18th birthday: in a hamburger restaurant and with her friends from the Academy

The 18th birthday of Leonor monopolizes the spotlight. After swearing the Constitution in the Congress of Deputies (just as his father did Philip VI in 1986), the heir to the throne celebrated her new coming of age at the El Pardo Palace. However, on her return to Zaragoza, her classmates from the General Academy of Zaragoza had prepared a surprise party for her, in the heart of the Aragonese capital.

As published in the newspaper Herald of Aragon This Saturday, cadet Borbón Ortíz met with a group of eight friends this Friday at Panzzer Grill, one of the best-known burger joints in the city, located in the area of ​​Goya Avenue. Likewise, according to the aforementioned newspaper, the princess settled in the reserved area of ​​the restaurant, located on the second floor. For the occasion, Leonor opted for a look “very informal”, with a black sweater, some jeans blue and white sneakers.

The celebration passed without any altercations and Leonor enjoyed, along with her group of friends, her 18th birthday. Far from what the queen would recommend Joywho is a faithful lover of healthy food, the infanta’s sister Sofia He tasted the house specialty: a 200-gram beef burger with camembert cream, caramelized onion, raw bacon from Teruel, cheddar cheese and panzzer sauce. Likewise, in the absence of a birthday cake, the princess blew out the candles in a cookie de triple chocolate.

When the daughter of Philip VI left the premises, the restaurant itself boasted about the heiress’s visit to the throne on Instagram and shared all the details of the hamburger she had ordered. “We sincerely appreciate her sympathy, her closeness and her discretion and we are very proud to have been able to accompany her on such a special day,” said the aforementioned establishment.