Leonor’s smile went viral: those looks at her teammate from La General

2,500 guests. In a few minutes the Madrid Royal Palace has become the hot spot media of the year. All attend this social event presided over by the Kings. All They are the highest powers of the State, the Government, the parliamentary groups, the presidents of Autonomous Communities and the diplomatic corps. Also, personalities from the world of business, culture and communication. Princess Leonor has made her debut at this event. He was wearing an Army uniform. In one of the rounds of the greeting, her classmates have entered the Throne Room. And then we have seen the smiles.

Leonor’s classmates at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza have complemented the Kings. They were in their khaki Army uniform, just like the heiress. When they arrived at Leonor, they greeted her with their hand. Then an exchange of glances and smiles arose, which Felipe VI and Letizia have also shared. It is the viral moment.

The Kings meet their daughter’s companions. They were together at the event after Bandera was sworn in, in La General. However, no matter how many smiles and great chemistry they transmit, there is friendship between them. Confirmed. They are friends. Among the media that were at the reception there was nothing else talked about. The heiress is happy and full of joy. Although her principles are always harsh, she has adapted very well to the Academy. She is in her second year and has started teaching at the university. She takes science.

The greeting line passed at full speed, marked by the massive call. The guests passed through the Gala Dining Room and the Gasparini and Charles III Rooms. The journalists who followed the reception also complimented the Kings. It was widely commented among the media that the politicians stayed in the Columns room, away from the rest of the guests.