Leonor’s phone call to her grandmother, Doña Sofía, during her admission to the hospital

Princess Leonor was attentive to the health of her grandmother, Doña Sofía, during the four days of her admission to the Ruber clinic in Madrid.

The grandchildren and children of the emeritus were also interested in her condition. Specifically, Leonor, who is at the Zaragoza Military Academy, called Doña Sofía to find out how she was doing, as she publishes The digital confidential.

Leonor, who returned to La General from her Easter holidays on April 4, is studying the subjects corresponding to the second semester of her course, whose exams will begin on May 11, as indicated on the center’s calendar. . Given that the evolution of Don Felipe’s mother was “favorable”, as we were informed by Casa Real, it was ruled out that the princess would move to Madrid. The aforementioned digital says that when Leonor called her grandmother, her father was in her hospital room, and he got on the phone to greet her.

Doña Sofía, 85 years old, was discharged from the hospital last Saturday, April 13 after four days in the hospital. She arrived at the Ruber clinic in Madrid on Tuesday night and was hospitalized for a urinary tract condition.

Happy and grateful, still with the IV in her wrist, she greeted the press from the car. She said that she was feeling “very well” and that she was looking forward to coming home. As mentioned then, the queen emeritus could have continued with her medication from the palace.

The Kings came to see her at the clinic last Thursday the 11th, the same day that Infanta Elena also attended. For 15 minutes they did not meet at the door.