Leonor’s ‘party’ look for her 18th birthday: red, hair in the wind and lip gloss

It was the B-side look for her birthday. The one that wasn’t seen, the one at the private party with her family. Leonor looked very pretty in the snow-white tailored suit made by the Madrid brand Serna, the one that dresses the King. After all the institutional ceremony, the Princess of Asturias changed and dressed for her big event. Now we see the first image of that look.

The heiress arrived at the celebration in the same car her father was driving. Next to the monarch, the Queen, who wore the twin Cartier bracelets. It was the photo of the arrival of the Kings and their daughters to the party. Shortly after, Beltrán Gómez Acebo, Miriam Ungría, Cristina de Borbón Dos Sicilias and Kubrat from Bulgaria and the rest of the guests arrived.

Leonor chose a red look, a very Spanish color that her mother really likes. We also see party makeup, with more shine than the natural styling that marked her daytime outfit. The two big differences about her: her long blonde hair loose in the wind, compared to the polished ponytail that she wore at the swearing-in, and the red gloss on her lips. Infanta Sofía, 16, opted for a black dress with silver details, according to El Confidencial.