Leonor’s look during the swearing-in of the Constitution, protocol yes or no?: blue dress, midi length and a polished bun

The dress code marked for the swearing-in session of the Constitution of Princess Leonor, due to its solemnity, would be a long dress for women and a morning suit for men. This was the etiquette that was followed in Don Felipe’s swearing-in for his 18th birthday in 1986. 37 years have passed.

I don’t see Leonor dressed long. The new times may give us other guidelines in the protocol. Even better. I’m leaning towards a blue dress, which is her color, the one from the Princess of Asturias script. I’m also leaning towards a midi length. And a bow for her hairstyle. A polished updo that suits you so well. We have seen it in all of her events with the military uniform of a lady cadet.

If we look at Don Felipe’s swearing in, on his big day, he was in a morning suit, like his father and like the rest of the authorities. The Prince’s was custom made. The fact that he was an intern at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza made the adjustment tests prior to the event difficult. That day, Felipe wore his first morning suit for the Golden Fleece ceremony. It was combined with a pearl gray tie. His mother, Doña Sofía, and his sisters, Elena and Cristina, were gone. Bottom photo credit: Congress.

This Tuesday, October 31, around 11:00 in the morning, we will discover what Mrs. Letizia’s reinterpretation of this act has been and how she has adapted her very personal style to a 21st century ceremony. It is Leonor’s most important day. With the oath she promises to comply with and enforce the Constitution as the future head of state. When her time comes she will be the first woman to reign in democracy in Spain.