‘Leonormania’ goes viral: the passion for the heiress that sets the trend among the ‘centennials’

Its stratospheric media projection covers the covers of magazines and newspapers. Princess Leonor, about to turn 18 and swear in the Constitution, is the absolute protagonist of the Royal Family’s agenda. The Leonormania It also floods the networks and is reflected in the documentary Leonor 18 years, 18 momentswhich Unidad Editoral and PlayTheUnit have prepared in collaboration with Amazon Prime Video.

The image of the Bourbon cadet lady with her grancé cap on the day of the National Holiday swept away. He further captured the unexpected photo of her debut at the Royal Palace reception when she met her fellow cadets from La General de Zaragoza. That moment went viral. And in Oviedo, at the Princess of Asturias Awards, she consolidated her role as president of the foundation that bears her name by giving her fifth speech. We come from very high. October has been her big launch for her. It has gone viral among her centennial generation. Now, upon her coming of age, she will swear the Magna Carta in Congress.

As outlined in the documentary work, Leonor de Borbón is destined to be the queen of Spain. The focus is on this reality: “His training, his relationship with his parents, the unconditional support of his sister Sofía, the expectations he faces, his closeness to the people and the concerns of his generation and his military career. “. This production is glossed by the testimonies of Luis María Anson, RAE academic and founding journalist of La Razón: “She will be a great Queen. A woman of her time“; by Carmen Calvo, former vice president of the Government, who accompanied the heiress in her first official act alone, without her parents, at the Cervantes Institute in Madrid in March 2021. Ana Pastor, former president of Congress, also appears; and the journalist Nieves Herrero, who assures: “You don’t have everything won by being in the Royal Family. “You have to earn it hard.”