“Leonor, the year of her challenges”: the princess of Asturias, front page in the French press

“With the controversies in the background,” adds the head of the princess eleanorwhich occupies the new cover of Point of view. The magazine has chosen a photograph of Leonor as its image, taken in the audiences prior to the Princess of Asturias ceremony on October 28, 2022.

the french magazine Point of view echoes the decisive and transformative year that Leonor faces, six months after coming of age, on October 31 of this year. This birthday of hers will come at the height of the call for elections in Spain and with the Cortes dissolved, so her ceremony of swearing in the Constitution will have to wait. In the image below, the cover of the magazine with the image of the heiress, about to turn 17, in Oviedo. In her portrait, Leonor wears a two-piece design, with a jacket and miniskirt, black with tiny white polka dots, signed by Carolina Herrera.

The publication emphasizes that the heiress “has had to deal with the instability of the country.” Leonor visited Girona last year for the first time. She did it as princess of Girona and was accompanied by her sister Sofía de ella. It was on the occasion of the awards that bear her name, Princess of Girona, with the particularity that the eldest daughter of Philip VI y Joy delivered them in Barcelona. The magazine also highlights the angelic aspect of the princess.

Leonor is preparing to complete her Baccalaureate cycle at UWC Atlantic College and in August she will enter the Zaragoza Military Academy. For the daughter of Felipe VI and Letizia there will be three academic years. She will begin this year and will conclude in 2026. Her time in the Armies and the Navy will allow her “robust training” focused on her commitment to “permanent service to Spain and the Spanish people.” This character of “service to Spanish society” is mentioned in the statement released by the Casa del Rey on March 14. The heiress will receive an education in which virtues “such as loyalty, discipline, courage or camaraderie, and principles such as responsibility, exemplarity or austerity” will be fostered.