Leonor, the ‘pretty girl’ of Zaragoza: the city council wants to name her Adoptive Daughter of the city

Eight months has been the daughter of Felipe VI y Joy in the city of the Ebro and they have been enough to ‘conquer’ it. His naturalness and closeness have earned him the sympathy not only of his teammates. Zaragoza Military Academy but also from her neighbors, who bump into her on the weekends as if they were any other 18-year-old girl. For this reason, the council has proposed naming the princess the Adoptive Daughter of the city. The vote in plenary will be this Thursday.

The distinction recognizes people who have stood out for their merits or qualities, especially in the cultural, scientific, social, artistic, political or economic fields, or for services provided for the benefit of the city. Last September, this honor fell to Real Zaragoza’s Argentine goalkeeper, Cristian Darío Álvarez.

Leonor He thus follows in the footsteps of his father, King Felipe VI, who was already decorated with this title on May 5, 1986, when he was training, like his daughter now, at the General Military Academy. Then, a very young prince of Asturias signed the city’s Golden Book and praised the simplicity and hospitality of the people of Zaragoza in his speech: “I will always carry with pride this appointment that obliges me so much.” Her daughter, who will end her military period in Zaragoza in three months, can also say that she has enjoyed the benefits of the Aragonese capital: we have seen her pay her respects to the Virgin of Pilar at the October floral offering, eat a hamburger in a well-known downtown venue or dance until dawn in one of the most popular nightclubs in the city.

The appointment of the heiress would come months after Mayor Natalia Chueca (PP) ‘baptized’ the Zaragoza auditorium as Princess Leonor. Furthermore, the daughter of Felipe and Letizia would add this new title to the Adoptive Daughter of Mallorca, which was proposed last March by the National Monarchist Brotherhood of Spain. The delivery ceremony, already communicated to Casa Real, will take place next September 12in the Mallorca Dayin charge of the president of the Council, Llorenç Galmés Verger.