Leonor, so natural in Arroes, the cider region: “Let’s see if I learn to pour!”

Big day in the Asturian parishes of Arroes, Peón and Candanal. Leonor has presented them with the Exemplary Town award as the end of the Princess of Asturias Awards celebration. The apple capital and heart of cider culture has welcomed its distinction with great pride. The press media followed the official path running. Literal.

The staircase of the route has taken the Kings and their daughters through the streets of the town. Later, Leonor discovered the traditional commemorative plaque.

In the meadow, next to the Arroes church, Leonor presented the Exemplary Town award. The heiress has spoken. A simple speech with mentions of the artisan market, the local garden and the rural school. “And I can’t forget the cider, since we are in the Pomaradas region,” she noted. She has also highlighted “technological advances and respect for local culture.” Because “you are – she said – the example that a village is also a good place for technological and social innovation.” And she has finished: “Let’s see if I can learn to pour!”

Another meeting point was the El Toreñu farm, Bárcena village, where the headquarters of the Center for Territorial Intelligence and Technologies for the Rural Environment (CTIC Ruraltech) are located. This center has been a powerful stimulus for the area thanks to the application of new technologies in agriculture and livestock such as virtual shepherds.

The Kings and their daughters planned to stop by the headquarters of the Peón-Candanal Valley Neighborhood Association, which oversees the culture, health, environment, urban planning and social assistance of the parishes. It also takes care of the native heritage, such as granaries and paneras, fountains, mills, laundries, mansions and palaces. The economy of Arroes and the Pion-Candanal valley is nourished by forest income from the eucalyptus and pine forests. Also, agricultural and livestock farms dedicated to beef and dairy cattle.

The Pion valley has 584 residents and Arroes has 445. With them, the final fireworks of the festival were prepared with the traditional picnic of the Royal Family in this cider valley.