Leonor resumes her classes in Wales after the October Break: countdown to Christmas

the eldest daughter of Philip VI y Letizia has resumed this Monday, November 7 his Second International Baccalaureate classes at UWC Atlantic College in Wales. From October 28, when she reappeared in Oviedo, until November 6, Leonor He has spent a mini-vacation with the family. It has been a ten-day October Break, with gastroenteritis included, which occurred on the 29th during the visit to Cadavedo, Pueblo Ejemplar 2022; and also, with his 17th birthday. This is your schedule.

This quarter of the course ends for the heiress on December 9, at which time she heads back to Spain for Christmas. This same month, as is tradition, Casa Real will share Christmas with a family portrait in which we will see Leonor and her sister Sofía.

Looking forward, the eldest daughter of Felipe VI and Letizia will turn 18 in 2023, which will mark her coming of age and will take the oath of the Constitution. She is on her account behind her. It will be one more step towards that historical moment due to her condition as heir and because Leonor represents the future of the institution. It will be a solemn act in the Hall of Sessions of the Congress of Deputies. However, everything points to her birthday, October 31 of next year, coinciding with the dissolution of the chambers due to the calling of general elections. This situation would cause the princess of Asturias to swear the Constitution before the Permanent Council. Due to this circumstance, as published by ABC, the princess will pronounce the oath once the elections have been held and it will be before the Cortes Generales. If the Government exhausts its term, it has until December to summon us to the polls. Following this thread, the newspaper details that everything points to Leonor not taking part in her oath on the same day as her birthday, just as her father Don Felipe did on January 30, 1986, when he pronounced that “to keep and keep the Constitution and the laws.”

In addition, the princess in the fall of next year will begin her military training. A tour for which she has the help of her father. Until that day, she still has a way to go.