Leonor, one step away from swearing in the Constitution: this is the ‘dress code’ for her big day

The princess Leonor The Constitution will be sworn in before the Cortes Generales on October 31, the day on which the heir to the throne will turn 18 years old. During the event, all men present in the Chamber must wear a dark suit. However, women will have to opt for a short dress in discreet colors.

Likewise, the Congress will dictate different types of clothing for attendees depending on where they are located. The men who sit on the main dais, next to the Royal Family, must wear a morning suit (the highest formal suit). The rest can wear the classic suit.

In the case of women, they should opt for a short dress. Although no further characteristics of the outfit are determined, it is understood that the cut of the garment will be midi and the colors neutral.

The ceremony, which will take place on October 31, will be very similar to the one in which Philip VI more than 30 years ago. The plenary session lasted 20 minutes and included a speech by Gregorio Peces-Barba (president of Congress from 1982 to 1986).