Leonor, first pre-Christmas act: picks up the baton from her mother on her visit to the Red Cross

Afternoon without rain in Madrid. We wait on Avenida de Reina Victoria until after 5:30 p.m. of this Thursday, December 15, when Leonor has arrived at the offices of the Spanish Red Cross. For this first official act of the heiress, on the dates before Christmas and a few days after her landing from Wales, a meeting has been sought at the headquarters of this body. This has been the context. A photograph that shows us her commitment to social causes, her proactivity and her willingness to connect with institutions that ensure the care and attention of vulnerable people. Also her connection with young volunteers of her generation centennial.

The Princess of Asturias has presided over the meeting alone, without her parents. A circumstance that gives him the absolute leading role. She has met 11 young people between the ages of 16 and 28 who carry out volunteer work throughout Spain. Leonor herself also performs this type of task at her school in Wales.

It has been the reappearance of the princess (not counting Christmas) after the Princess of Asturias Awards and her sudden loss in Cadavedo (Asturias), afflicted with gastroenteritis last October.

Leonor, who returned to Madrid on December 9 from Wales to enjoy her winter holidays, has held a meeting with volunteers participating in various programs of this institution. For this act, the third that she faces without her parents, she has opted for a basic, discreet and neutral look. All the basics that mark a gray jacket and black pants.

Lady Letizia, as honorary president of Spain, knows this body from the inside. Last May, she chaired the event in Valencia on the occasion of World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day. In the toughest months of the 2020 Covid pandemic, the wife of Felipe VI put on the red vest of a Red Cross volunteer during her visit to the center of the Fuencarral neighborhood in Madrid. She now hands over the baton to her eldest daughter so that she can learn first-hand about the commitment of the young people who work side by side in this institution.