Leonor, first October 12 as a lady cadet: a uniform and a look

Frantic weeks for Princess Leonor. Next step, the military parade on the day of the National Holiday. She will not parade, but she will be in uniform. It will be the first time and it will be the image of the day.

Just a few days ago, we saw her swearing in the flag, the most momentous act of her professional life. She kissed the banner and promised to defend Spain, even at the cost of her own life. She had a firm step and a fixed gaze. She attended the General Military Academy of Zaragoza (AGM). For the event she wore the period dress of the Army. Red pants, a navy blue jacket with a double row of buttons and a pink hat (very light felt military helmet) with a red feather, distinctive for first-year students, as was the case of the heiress.

This October 12th it arrives to the eldest daughter of Felipe VI and Letizia, who is in her second year at the Academy. As a lady cadet, she will wear the khaki ground dress uniform with a feminine flat cap and tunic of the same color, black tie, belt, and black high-heeled shoes. Her father will wear in the parade the uniform that corresponds to him by rotation, that of Captain General of the Air Force. Photo below, the Kings at their daughter’s swearing-in.

Since Don Felipe always changes to attend the subsequent reception at the Royal Palace, we will surely see the heiress also with a different look. Most likely, Leonor will be wearing the polished bun that she wore at the swearing-in ceremony. An updo based on a braid and armed with hairpins of the same color as your hair, as required by the regulations at the AGM. For the princess it is her debut in this event.