Leonor, before the December super bridge: her return home to fill the palace's empty nest

The Princess of Asturias prepares the December long weekend at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza. Two national holidays with Thursday the 7th in the middle, the date on which, precisely, the first semester exams for AGM students begin. According to the Academy's rules, weekends are free for cadets as long as there are no scheduled activities or maneuvers.so the eldest daughter of the Kings will coincide this weekend in Zarzuela with her sister Sofía, whose winter vacation starts at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales this Friday the 8th.

For Leonor, this departure is in addition to the permissions that have been granted to her this fall to attend her scheduled commitments. To begin with, the parade on the occasion of the National Holiday, last October 12; the Princess of Asturias Awards ceremony, in Oviedo; his swearing in of the Constitution in the Congress of Deputies for his majority on the 31st of the same month; and the solemn opening of the XV Legislature on November 29.

The permits of La General students are regulated as follows: “The general regime of life for the students of the Academy is boarding school. This imposes serious limitations on the granting of permits, being reduced to those strictly necessary for duly justified reasons.” In addition, the regulation specifies that the students of training education “will remain, in general, in a boarding school regime, although students of military origin, regardless of their form of entry, may be authorized the regime of externship in the times and circumstances determined in the regulations for the development of the regime of the students of the Military Training Centers”.

The heir's permissions, duly justified, take into account her actions as Princess of Asturias. Her figure and the institution that she represents are intrinsically linked to the Constitution, a circumstance that commits her to attending sessions such as the solemn opening of the XV Legislature in the Palace of the Cortes. A session that followed with full attention while she listened to Francina Armengol, president of Congress, and she saw how her words were silenced by half of the chamber, which she did not applaud. From the press gallery of the Hemicycle, I saw Leonor with the most mature image of her. Its takeoff began in Wales. Now, of age, she already flies alone. It would not be ruled out that the lady cadet would attend her first Military Easter on January 5, a solemn event presided over by the king in which she takes stock of the military year. It is one more step in her military training.